4th of July

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4th of July



Liner Notes: 

Just playing around with my 12 string, dialled the rage back quite a bit....


Let's get real high
It's the 4th of July

We could party
We could party
All night
I said
We could party
We could party
All night

We could party
We could party
All night

If I ask you
To stop filling my glass
Would you do me a favour
and tell me that it's the 4th of July?

Let's get high....

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Nice guitar, full of energy and exuberance, and I like how at the same time the vocals, even as they talk about partying all night, have a kind of distant, removed quality to them, making them (and the song as a whole) have more of a feel of longing urgency than hedonism. Cool track!

I like it.

I don't know what "dialled the rage back quite a bit..." means, -- I guess I'd have to listen more, other of you stuff. However, I'd add that line. I can't say why... just feel it would fit, and adds a "mind picture" from it's abstraction, inserted into it...
-- I dialled the rage back quite a bit...

Maybe it's a Bridge and reason to repeat... ummm, the last verse... " If I ask you..." to the end one more time?

Anyway, --like it.

Oh...!... the rage, the rage, I get it. So why the hell Smile are you celebrating our holiday? Kidding, kidding...
Anyway, I much prefer this to the phucking train song Wink

So, you're an old-timer here... -- all the best to you this year 5090. I think noodling songs can wind up being our best work, --or, for me, anyway.

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Lovely rhythm and performance, I like the sound of the guitar and the tune, which awesomely works with the lyrics. Very enjoyable to listen to...

You did sound like you were getting a bit angry towards the end when you asked to stop filling your glass... Wink You really played that 12 string to the fullest - nice!

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Man, you are a strumming machine! Put your guitar in the recovery position! Biggrin