A world of smoke and mirrors

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A world of smoke and mirrors




Liner Notes: 

I actually started this long time ago in a forum thread. But could not finnish it until now.
Still dont have a clue about the music put to it so If you like to put music to it just grab it (counts for all looking for collabs pieces)

--- PLEASE RESPECT that I do NOT want my lyrics rewritten unless we agreed on that in beforehand!
We might think different things are good but we are working with art and thats very personal
And of course that goes both ways----


1, Boy grew up in the splinters of what could have been a home
In a family of five always alone
Hes runs towards his future, while hiding from his past
Build that things never meant to last"
Man tries to keep the balance at the glacier of life
In brutality of real worlds daily strife
He runs around in circles doing things he is supposed to do
What life wants from him ? No he doesn't have a clue

Lost in a world of smoke and mirrors
where only pieces of heaven can be found
Hope hidden in pohoenix wings
But his hands and feet are bound

3. Man got him self a house, the right car, a trophy wife
Keeps wondering, ‘ Man is this really life?’
And when he turns 50 he gets a new tattoo
Tells the wife, 'sorry but this fantasy is through

ChorusLost in a world of smoke and mirrors
where only pieces of heaven can be found
Hope hidden in pohoenix wings
But his hands and feet are bound

4. Old man now is sitting in the splinters of a home
The new wife just left him all alone
And the reaper in the shadows gently start to sing
Fly human, lift that broken wing

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Search for answers in the world and the world shall give you its answer.

I feel like this is the story of all of us on some level.

You search, you think you find the answer, then realize it was nothing, and move to the next thing. This world was built to spin you around, so naturally, that's what it's going to do.

Your song is a nice reminder. Smile

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You do such a fabulous job expressing emotion and creating great imagery!

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A well-wrapped 3 minute cycle sad tale of longing, having, and losing. Some musical ideas bouncing around.

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Hauntingly powerful chord progression serves as the perfect stage for the well paced vocal delivery of awesome lyrics. I love the evolution of character development and passage of time. The complexity and sadness of his world at different stages of life is summarized well in the poetically beautiful chorus. Wonderful collaboration!