Another Blackstar Fallen

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Another Blackstar Fallen


Liner Notes: 

This song is partly cut and pasted from Bowie interviews and Rolling Stone articles. The chords can all be found in a certain Bowie song, but arranged differently.


"Another Blackstar Fallen"

I was still in diapers when your spaceship crashed to earth
Alien in warpaint and silver platform boots
Flamboyant, experimental
Androgynous, bisexual
Cocaine troubles in LA
The characters took over

Phoenix bursting into flames
And rising from the ashes
Chameleon of many names
Pushing fame and fashion
Flaunting convention
Living as performance art
Constant reinvention
Another Blackstar Fallen [Deathstar]
Another Blackstar Fallen

Satan was living in your indoor swimming pool
Heavy drinking Berlin scene, throwing up in alleys
Hitler as a rock star
Low Eno synthesizers
Voracious offstage sexuality
Commercial suicide


And now
Shiny crabs sing in imitation
With Coraline black button eyes
Dissolve the corporation


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I wanted to do something akin to this. Great show of appreciation and care. This is on my to-do list.

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I can only agree to the others, great tribute. Great lyrics, I love the images. Catchy chorus, great Bowie'ish performance.

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Just a note that because it was AIFF, I couldn't listen to this on my PC laptop without extra steps, had to do it through my iPhone.
This is a very nice tribute. You did a great job capturing Bowie's style via the chord progression/melody/vocals, really liked the tune of the "Phoenix bursting into flames" bit. Some of the lyrics feel a bit too plainly narrative/descriptive to me, but mostly I loved them, lots of good imagery--the shiny crabs part was very interesting.

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I love this tribute to David Bowie. Your voice really sounds a lot like his here. I also dig the "cut and paste" style of songwriting, since that's what Bowie himself did for a few of his songs.