The Forest Home (A Gathering)

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The Forest Home (A Gathering)



Liner Notes: 

While going through some papers, I found a lyric I wrote in about 2010, and knew I had to put it to song. I changed quite a bit of it, but the chorus pretty much stayed true. A story of an enchanted cottage in the woods where animal, human, and perhaps a few fairies gather for a peaceful refuge out of the chilly, rainy night.

I actually remember the night I wrote this one. I was driving back home on a warm summer night, and a huge storm front was rolling in in the distance, lightning dancing along the cliff sides of cloud.

As it stands, this recording serves its purpose, but I want to clean up the vocals a bit so I'll be going back to re-record at least that much.


Tired eyes, escape the night
In the forest you stand
All turned around, unfamiliar ground
Can’t calm your shaking hands

Rain starts to fall, Thor’s mighty call
A flash of lightning shows
A cozy cottage tucked back in
A long forgotten grove

That morbid thought, think it not
Not all is at an end
Sit down a while, laugh and smile
We’re all among friends

The owl through the window
The fox in from the mist
Bear and badger at the door
Names checked off the list

A gathering, a gathering
Where friends and strangers meet
All walks of life out from the night
And a hearth to keep the heat

Sit down, sit down! Pull up a chair!
Food and drink are served
Shut the door, latch the windows
Neighbors undisturbed

This empty house, empty not
In this forest grove
A secret place, a sacred place
The host and hostess chose


Turtle tells tales of old
From an ancient book
Our laughter echoes off vaulted ceiling
With beams of bare oak

But our hosts claim no part in it all
But to shelter our weary heads
They claim a home for the love
Within a world of dread


A home it is to us all
I’ll meet you there one day
And you shall find it, no matter the hour
If you ever stray

I hope you come, I hope it so
And meet the friends of old
Memories long past me by
And secrets never told

The moon it shines, the owl flies
Loved ones hug and kiss
The door is open, waiting for
The fox out from the mist

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This was lovely. I quite enjoyed it. Smile

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Love the descriptive details and poetry in the story. Really well done! Love the melody and musical delivery, nice mandolin and harmonies! Fantastic!!!!

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Very nice fairly tale feel -- your playing and vocals (and harmonies!) have a rustic, timeless feel that reinforces the magical quality of the gathering of the animals in a grand gathering. The warmth of your voice makes the listener feel the theme of "sanctuary." Very nice!