Happy Birthday (Or Not)

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Happy Birthday (Or Not)



Liner Notes: 

Week 1 Challenge - Special Occasion: Write a song for or about a holiday or other special occasion. Examples: “Alice’s Restaurant” (Arlo Guthrie), “Birthday” (Beatles), “Graduation Day” (Four Freshmen).


Happy Birthday
to you
Happy Birthday
to you
Happy Birthday!

And now it's your birthday
Don't act like you don't care
Eat the bloody cake
And don't forget to share

Happy Birthday
to you
Happy Birthday
to you
Happy Birthday!

So how old are you now
Oh you won't tell
By your looks
You're halfway to hell

Happy Birthday
to you
Happy Birthday
to you
Happy Birthday!

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Valerie Cox's picture

Ha ha! This is superior. I wan this to end up on the soundtrack of a wonderfully quirky movie. It's geat.

mike skliar's picture

this is great, its like an evil twin to the beatles song 'birthday' , dark where that one is sunny...

nice work!

philmcmill's picture

Fun! Very catchy. I especially like the 'halfway to hell' line.

sam sorrow's picture

I love it "eat the bloody cake and don't forget to share" made me laugh. I really like the melody and the pause at like a minute or so on. Val is right this does belong on the soundtrack to a quirky movie

kahlo2013's picture

Fantastic retro pop feel - such a great sound! A. If thumbs up on the guitars and vocals! And I love the quirkiness of the lyrics!

cts's picture

Lol - "...by your looks you're halfway to hell." Great line. Bold, but great (and funny) line. Part of my goal is to squeeze in some short tunes and you've actually given me a great idea. You can thank your "eat the bloody cake" line. You see? Even after all this time you're still inspiring me!!

sph's picture

No, i won't play this song on my wifes birthday party next week. i won't play this song on my wifes birthday party next week... I won't...

Elyse's picture

"You're halfway to hell" haha! Very catchy and fun Smile

Marije's picture

Haha wat heerlijk om naar te luisteren! Ik hou van de toon die je aanslaat (zowel letterlijk als figuurlijk). Ik kan niet wachten tot je volgende nummer Smile

katpiercemusic's picture

Ha! My birthday was yesterday and I had some friends over. One of them was so offended on my behalf that I didn't have cake and that I paid for the pizza and that I didn't want gifts. I could picture him "Don't act like you don't care! Eat the bloody cake!" This song tickles me!

Fuzzy's picture

I absolutely love love love your lyrical approach to the world.
The finely crafted music and production are awesome.
Your songs make me smile so much.

Acousticmaddie's picture

Hilarious. Remind me to stay away from you when I have birthsday Smile Great scary song

helen's picture

I do enjoy the snarky jollity of this. Fun song - I can see the chorus getting stuck in my head...

marvsmooth's picture

Yes, another great song in the pantheon of great songs by yourself!

Brilliantly realised humor in the lyrics, with wonderful music to match.

That little break works wonderfully after the "halfway to hell" verse.

Great stuff as always Smile

headfirstonly's picture

Just listening to this on the jukebox and smiling happily. I think "Eat the bloody cake" may be the best line I've heard all summer.

They should definitely sing this in restaurants.