I can't write a song

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I can't write a song




Liner Notes: 

Lyrics only now, but Wobbie will be doing the music.
Updated 7/8: I love the music Wobbie did for these lyrics! Thank you, my friend! Smile

I had never written a song before, only fiction. Wobbie has been encouraging me to give this a try and it's my first effort. Thanks, Wobs!

Wobbie: Congratulations Max on your first song! a bit kronky vocals and a simple treatment but it gets us both out of the stables eh?
very happy to collaborate with you Smile


I can’t write a song
you tell me it’s so easy
but the words don’t appear
it’s making me feel queasy

Your encouragement is great
but I think you’re wrong
I can do a lot of things
but I can’t write a song

my prose isn’t poetic
my writing’s never lyric-y
I’m just too scientific
I’ve studied this empirically

Your encouragement is great
but I think you’re wrong
I can do a lot of things
but I can’t write a song

I don’t have any rhythm
I don’t have any rhyme
Where is this even going
I’m running out of time

Your encouragement is great
but I think you’re wrong
I can do a lot of things
but I can’t write a song

What have I just done here
My imagination is alight
I just wrote a song
You were fucking right.

Your encouragement is great
but you knew it all along
I can do a lot of things
I can even write a song

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Me too... Exactly what I been thinkin
Russ Dirol

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i will get on this at the weekend max! so happy to have spurred you onto you first song!!! I love Lyric-y empirically verse and oh the tears of triumph of "you were fucking right"

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Give me a heads up on this one.
Russ Dirol

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Really dig the theme on this one. Anyone can write a song, great job! Looking forward to hearing the music. It's all about getting the pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard, as it were.

My favorite lines were the lyric-y and the "you were fucking right"

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ooooh, wonderful story turnaround; EDIT: 7/8/17: wonderful job on the music!

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Very funny and you are wrong you can both write and perform a song Smile You have a very cool voice btw.

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What a great lyric about a place we've all been at some point. And this performance is damn fine. It's good all around.

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Aww, this is awesome! I love this! Congratulations on your first song and I love what Wobbie did with it!! Superb!! Smile

Haha - how many of us have felt like this! Ironic twist

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The drop into the major key at the end is like the Sun coming out. Glorious! Triumph! Yay!

This ought to be 50/90's theme song. So true, so true (you should hear the stuff I wrote when I first started FAWMing. No, on second thoughts, cancel that - you *really* wouldn't want to hear what I used to sound like...)

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Hey, fun song. This is the kind of song-about-songwriting that's fun. I love the dawning realization near the end, suddenly ending on an upbeat major chord.