American Mary

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American Mary



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OK - see the first two songs posted here for "granular" liner notes, -- not gonna keep re-pasting it, (if interested).

Again, this/these is/are all going to be a one-take krappey cell phone recording. In this one, Smile I laugh so write it in real time, -- the phone balances on a $200 Mic I laid the phone on, and it's boom sagged down a bit, so caught more of the Guitar Neck... -- any more and I'd've had to re-record to up the Vocals. It's wierd, I have many dollars of recording equipment right in front of me, and I put a $50 cell phone, precariously balanced on mic pop foam... oh well!

So my song book notes:
This song came from an online site where they solicit songs for children, to then potentially do like a "gofundme" think for "their" specified "charity". I didn't connect with it. So then, Mother's day rolled around and got to thinking about how we * don't have kids and what if I did. So, this little girl on that site self described herself as 11yo, how she likes certain colors, and feels unheard, not heard. Then, mix in I love the play that's been "done", "mary" ~~ a mary ka (America), etc. And, so, I go this, over time and ready for, now, 5090! I've been playing with the rhythmic melodies, even just now, since the Right Hand is connected to the Mouth (for me) and whether to start on G or not, tempo, etc So, this seems to be it, "how *it *wants to be sung?", so to speak.

- Remember, I don't clean up my song lyrics from written performance notes, it's all commingled below, --figure it out! Smile


/G s-g (d)
Music is a story
\D s-a Dsus4 (f#)
Waiting to be heard
G /s-g
American girls they are
\D s-b, a Dsus4 f# - d {a, f#}
The music of our country

\A s-e
(But) Don't wait to long
\G s-d
(She’ll) They'll be gone
\D f# - d Dsus //// ////
Mother(s) of our next one(s) [ummm hmmm]

\G s-d ////
New American Mary's
\D s-d Dsus
A great song un - heard
\G s-d
Never played for anyone
\D s-d
But she’ll be [first] (heard)


G s-d
Music is a story
s-e, d D s-d Dsus
Waiting to be heard
G ////
American Mary
D s-f#, d
She will be our glory


G s-d
Music has its colors
D s-d
And Mary has her's
G s-d
Her purple sunlit songs
D s-d f#,e,d
A window of life
A s-e
Mary takes life strong
G s-d
She won't be wronged
/ / ^v^v^v D s-d Dsus //// ////
Don't take… …, to long

G s-d
You can try to hold back beauty
D s-d s-f#
You can try to hold back light
\A s-e
She's like a…, big, apple bite
G s-d
Don't wait too long to sing your mite
D s-d Dsus //// ////
Don't wait too long to sing your life

G s-d
Music is a story
D s-d Dsus f#,e,d
Waiting to be heard
G s-d
American girls they are
D f#,d
The music of our country
A s-e
And our country’s strong!
G s-d
She won't be wronged / / / /
//// / / / / /// D s-d [D4,9sus////]
And won't wait to sing… her song

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I really like the verses and the sound of the strings comes through brightly. I like the rhythm and flow. There was one part in the song where you sang, "don't take too long" and instead of elongating "long", I think you had room for a repeat, of "take too long", so it would be "Don't take, don't take too-oo long", then come in strong with the strings after. That would be cool and lead nicely into your next verse.

Also, I think if you chose one of these two lines, "Don't wait too long to sing your mite, don't wait too long to sing your life", although they both make statements I'm sure you want in there, I think audibly, it would have more get up and go to use one of those lines and stretch it through your two lines of chords. For example, "Don't wa-----ait too long to (Up), Si--------ing yo-our life, then strong strum, then change up the intonation a bit on the last, "Music is a story waiting to be heard".

Don't tell me you can't either. I know you can.

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Really interesting melding of the girl and our country. There's a lot of thought in your lyrics, and I'm glad you explained them in your liner notes. Great vocal performance and playing as always. A fitting song for this week of the 4th of July. Smile

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Sweet little groove you got going here. Interesting stuff lyrically, as well. Good work!

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I love the feel of this song. "Purple sunlit songs" is a great line. I'd like to hear the vocal a little stronger. It gets eaten up a bit by the guitar.

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Interesting backstory to the song, and another great song from you it is. I wonder what I would have read into it without the liner notes - some conflicted patriotism? a young girl dreaming of big things? Doesn't matter, because I can always listen to this one - like so many of yours - as a soulful acoustic song to be felt in the gut and heart.