Happy Birthday (Your Last)

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Happy Birthday (Your Last)



Liner Notes: 

Um, I made some metal. This popped into my head as a Combichrist sort of thing but I avoided the EDM altogether for fun.

Short and... well, not sweet at all. Also I toned down the lyrics. They were a bit too dark even for me. Smile


happy birthday
hope you have a blast 'cause it'll be your last

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Wow! Metal!!! Great aggressive drive! Love the sinister vocal effects. So creepy and deliciously dark! I imagine this in some weird horror movie. I'm glad it is still light out. I'm glad it's not my birthday today.

Ha ha, didn't expect this. Good one actually the guitars sounded good and you got those wild cymbals. Nice groove with the vocal part, that was cool. As where the understandable vocals which still sounded metal.