She Won't Sing For Me Anymore

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She Won't Sing For Me Anymore



Liner Notes: 

Another song recorded outdoors last night for guitar and vocal. This morning added piano (my original instrument - started lessons at age eight).
Years ago I wrote a song called "La Dee Da" about a guy who misses hearing his ex sing. Yesterday, I posted a new, happy song with a similar title. Then, I went to that well for another new one - a real country weeper.


She could sing the praise of God, or the praise of wine
she could sing old country songs or to Mary so divine
she'd sing in the morning as she walked out the door
but she won't sing for me any more

I loved to hear her sing so sweetly
I loved to hear her whistle, too - just a bit off-key
she'd sing as she filled her cart at the grocery store
but she won't sing for me anymore

No formal training, but to me she sure sounded fine
She knew some opera, and many a tune by Patsy Cline
When she sang gospel, made me believe in the Lord
But she won’t sing for me any more

loved to hear her sing so happily
sometimes she’d dance, not quite as gracefully
She'd be singing as she cleaned our little house from room to room
wonder if she's singing now, and if she is for whom

she sings in my dreams and in memories I can’t ignore
but she won’t sing for me any more

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This is so special. The piano is such a good bit ear candy. It's nostalgic both in sounds and theme. Makes for such a good story. I feel bad for the guy and wonder what exactly happened to the woman. Was it a break-up, or is she gone for another reason? Leaves it to the imagination. This is great.

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agree with Val- this is great! love those semi-barrelhouse piano fills in there, the whole way the lyric is so direct yet without getting too specific- really fantastic song and recording! even the occasional background noise works well in this...

great work!

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Oh so sweet and Cure love song! Great delivery of This sweet blues story. Thank you for This piece of ear-candy

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My kinda rhythm it is. That Minimum Bar room piano is Ideal.
that almost - Happy Blues approach takes it all Happen
Great story and wonderful tune
Russ Dirol

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So beautifully melancholy! I love the piano and the story telling is great - sad! Tugs at the heart!

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A beautiful relaxed tune, the guitar compliments the piano awesomely. The hook works perfectly, I like all the rhyme combinations with "any more" you used. Great lyrics, particularly I enjoyed in the slight ambivalance like in the lines "She could sing the praise of God, or the praise of wine" or "I loved to hear her sing so sweetly/I loved to hear her whistle, too - just a bit off-key".

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I like how this focuses the entire loss of a relationship on one small but missed detail: not getting to hear her sing any more. The tone is spot-on: not bitter, almost upbeat and accepting, but still appropriately regretful at the loss. The piano is quite nice, and adds an almost barroom, drown-your-sorrow feel. Fun little tale of loss (and moving on).