What if it never occurred?

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What if it never occurred?



Liner Notes: 

I had read earlier today that its the 60th anniversary of the meeting of two lads from different neighborhoods, two years apart in age, in Liverpool.
We all know what great things happened as a result. Wondered 'what else is kind of by chance, and came up with this little blues-rocker.

This is a slightly (i mean slightly) more elaborate production then the earlier ones this year. there's a drum machine track, rhythm guitar, vocal and not one but two harmonicas....



At a church fair 60 years ago two kids met
John and Paul would go on to form a quartet
A one of a kind Event
It happened by accident
What would the world be like if it never occurred?

In 1886 a man gave a compass to his son Albert E
Fascinated by physics, he would discover relativity
A one of a kind event
It happened by accident
What would the world be like if it never occurred?

I went to a party for my friend Martine
Across the room the prettiest one I’ve ever seen
A one of a kind event
It happened by accident
What would my world be like if it never occurred?

(c) M. Skliar 2017

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The backing track is very nice. Lyric message well done. Great work.

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I really love how you equate your love to seminal world wide events! So so special! A beautiful tribute and great song!

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Great mixture of instrumentation and vocal performance in your song. We all have an effect on the world in one way or another. Smile

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Wonderful idea and executed! Really like it and can't help too what would it be like without them?

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You're blowing me away with this one Mike.
two different harmonicas I assume?
Russ Dirol

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I read the words before listening to the track, lovely idea to name check the Beatles and Einstein, before bringing it back home to you and the wife. The track itself has such a fine groove to it, think it's that chilled drum track that does it. And that harmonica simply kills it. I am very glad this track occurred!

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Nice blues-rock grit, and it's great how you combined the global and the personal into one overarching exploration of the power of happenstance. And strangely enough, the solid propulsion and momentum of the groove makes a musical argument that things move forward as part of an overall flow, and events occur when they do as part of the inexorable tide of time.

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Love this. The lo-fi drum loop and the chorused guitar really lay it down and oh my, that harmonica solo...

And the nerd in me is now pondering your question deeply and going down the rabbit hole. IIRC, the consensus is that Einstein got there first, but he wasn't the only one thinking along the lines he did.

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I love how this goes from big world changing events to a small world changing event. I think going any more elaborate on the production would have sounded disingenuous, so very well done on all accounts.

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Fantastic song, great harmonica solo. Love the vox delivery and ah I love all of it. NICE and sweet.

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Fantastic theme and song, really strong lyric and playing, really liked the quartet against Event, than the harp started!!!

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I like the lyrics a lot... the don't mention the ting they are talking about, still the listener gets it. Great job! I am sure you had fin with that one!

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Wonderful lyric idea carried off extremely well. Love the bluesy guitars and harmonicas. Sweet!

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A whole universe of alternatives here. Lennon and McCartney with day jobs playing the occasional open mic.

I like the crunchy harmonica here, nice sound to that. Actually, everything sounds pretty good here.

I like how the last verse brings it around and makes it more personal.