Summer Night Lullaby

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Summer Night Lullaby


Liner Notes: 

I wrote this on July 4, and I was hoping to start and end the day with a song recorded outside. But fireworks got in the way, so I did it tonight - lots of nature sounds, and a distant revving car, too.


Started my day in this chair with a song for the sunrise
I’ll end it right here with one more before I close my eyes
Sky is too cloudy for stars but that’s all right
I feel the wonder of a summer night

Started my day with the birds singing before the dawn
By high noon the sidewalk was hot enough to fry an egg upon
Now I hear a choir of frogs from beyond the street light
I feel the wonder of a summer night

I could go heavy on late-night philosophy
But I’ll keep it simple, as a lullaby should be
Moon peeks his face out, I’m filled with delight
I feel the wonder of a summer night
I felt the wonder – now It’s time for good night

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Wonderful! I listened to your sunrise song and now as our sun sets I am enjoying this gem! What a perfect song to capture the simple joy and peace of a summer night. And yes a beautiful moon tonight!

Very nice, soothing lullaby with authentic background noises as well. It's nice to listen to this song at the end of day, as it is where I am now. Smile

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Very good song, well performed. Are you really Kris Kristofferson going incognito? Smile

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You have such a sweet voice makes me very comfortable Nicesong that is a bit dreamy and full of warmth in both vocals and guitar

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Love this. It's just clobbered me with a huge dollop of nostalgia. The sound of those insects takes me back 20 years to life in Tampa...

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A lovely melody that reminds me of listening to music with my father when I was much younger. What a damn great memory for you to remind me of. Thanks for that.