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Liner Notes: 

Stephen--- Channelling the late, great Paul Turrell with this one. Mike has taken the lyric and done the same, although there's still a definite streak of the classic Skliar flavour. Do enjoy.

Mike- I saw this lyric by Stephen and just had to set it to music. Recording is just guitar-and-vocal, live. enjoy! And yes, done in part in memory to the late great Paul "Hoops" Turrell, who both Stephen and I remember so well and who was such a big part of fawm & 50/90 ..


My headphone's wired with shoelaces
Sure, some may find it weird
But even after hours of use
They never get ensnared

I lace my shoes with headphone cords
(and not per se for fun)
For even if I walk the earth
They'll never come undone

I take my tea with laudanum
With laudanum
With laudanum
I take my tea with ladanum
And just a spot of milk

I coat my cat with butter
As it pauses for a sup
Each time it takes a leap of faith
It lands butter-side up

I spread my toast with kittens
Why no, it's rather sweet
For every time I drop the slice
It lands upon its feet

I take my tea with laudanum
With laudanum
With laudanum
I take my tea with laudanum
And sometimes eat the bag

I breathe uniquely through my feet
It serves me rather well
Not only do they breathe a treat
They never cease to smell

I exercise upon my nose
A fact that often stuns
For even if I'm all worn out
It runs and runs and runs

I take my tea with laudanum
With laudanum
With laudanum
I take my tea with laudanum
They're trying to kill me, Dick.

lyric- SW
music- MS

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Biggrin So laudanum is what your problem's been this whole time? Just teasing. This is choice stuff Stephen!

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Wait, there are people who don't spread their toast with kittens?

You use good words. The verses stick to my mind and the chorus sounds like it would be mighty catchy.

Good job. Biggrin

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A very witty set of lyrics with lovely word-choices and creative ideas. I like the "mental crossing" of subsequent verses, I guess I have never read something like that before. Laudanum must surely be worth a try... Smile

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ha! and yes, I can hear the late great Hoops' influence all over this one! wish he was here to set it to music. If no one else volunteers soon, btw, i'd love to try, tho of course I'm no hoops....

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This is a fun song, and you're clearly having fun with it. Since it's in the first person, all the little bits of scatting and improv work very well. It's like sitting in the front row of a live concert at a small, quirky cafe - and the singer is the sort to throw out humourous asides... much like Hoops.

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Knowing the context, this is incredibly witty and poignant at the same time. What a wonderful tribute to Hoops. A tremendous collaboration, you two. Smile

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This made me smile. Thanks for a great Hoops tribute and an enjoyable joining of your talents.

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Quirky lyrics that you lift with that curious vocals. Very lovely listen, nice played. Nice and weird (which means a good thing here) story told here