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Liner Notes: 

Little tune I stumbled through. Something I might want to practice in time.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I found this extremely enjoyable, I hope you decide to follow up on it! I'm a complete beginner with piano but I like to tinker, this is inspiring.

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This is so warm and beautiful. Feels like being wrapped up in a warm blanket. So comforting. It's very pretty.

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This worked up would be quite commercial, going by some of the calls. Serenity from Mr January? I had to come and listen!

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Such a fantastic tune, nice and dreamy gentle touching my heart. Great job

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Beautiful soundtrack. Enjoyed listening. I can imagine it in a movie or in a programme about journeys.

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This was so beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this composition and I thought the piano was wonderfully played--so much emotion in the timing and the ebbs between lightness and intensity.

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Although soothing and serene and inspiring, some dark and bittersweet undertones. Also fills me with nostalgia for the piano dedication of my youth.
I've been following your thread about your teaching technique, too - interesting stuff. Totally agree about girls being easier to teach than boys. I coached a few sports over the years and almost always found that to be true.

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Wonderful mix of tones. All from the piano! Enjoying this with Sunday morning coffee. Has a wintery feel to it which is quite nice here in hot Texas.

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Gorgeous melody, and great playing. I'm really enjoying listening to your music! I'm sitting here with one of the dogs sleeping on my lap, looking out of the window at rain that is just starting after a period of intense heat, and this piece is perfect for the moment.

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This is lovely. I like how it varies from its softness in the beginning to a determined type of feel and back again throughout...that give and take is good for reflecting. Very nicely done! Enjoyed it!

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This has good movement to it. And while it feels a bit free form, it doesn't feel out of time. It's emotive.