Feel the Light

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Feel the Light

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Liner Notes: 

This is my first attempt for 50/90, I had a hard time singing and eventually just had to stop and upload it!

I was taking a walk this morning when this melody developed in my head, I recorded it as a voice note on my phone and came home and figured out how to play it on my keyboard, and the song just built from there!

I hope you enjoy. Smile Thanks for listening and any feedback you can provide.



Release date:
6 July 2017
© 2017 Joe McCullough / Your Average Joe Under Exclusive License To McCullough Music

Would you take hold of
The sun to feel the light?

Man alive, where’s all the love
Has it gone dry?

Will you tell me when
You start to feel a breeze

You can come closer
Why should we both have to freeze?

We will take hold of
The sun and share the light

We’re alive, we’ll make it through
And be alright.

Feel the light let’s
Fall asleep
Take the sun
And feel her heat

When the moonlight falls in
waves that wash the night.

Turn off your car, put on your shoes
Embrace the sight.

We will walk under the
moon and share the light.

We’re alive, we’ll make it through
And be alright.

Feel the light let’s
Stay awake
Moon’s reflection
On the lake

Feel the light it
Warms our hearts
Love hasn’t gone it’s
Waiting to start

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I like this indie piano pop. The melody flows along nicely and that piano line is good. It's not too happy or poppy but is still bright enough to support the lyric.

"Take the sun, and feel her heat" classic indie style lyric. Ha ha, nice track your vocals fall on it in a neat way and it sounds good. Especially with the loud beat and piano underlining it. The sudden harmonica is a nice touch as well. Good job!

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Great indie vibe. I like the sound of that piano too.

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You have a beautiful voice color, very fitting for this tune!
Super pleasant song to listen to, love the touch of harmonica here and there as well

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This is a catchy tune! I like the positive thoughts and hope of it all. Nice way to end: "Love hasn't gone, it's waiting to start". Enjoyed the music with that piano and harmonica too!

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Catchy piano riff with a funky little drum and bass beat caught my attention right off the bat. I like the twinges of harmonica as well. I dig the lyrics as well, with the imagery of freezing/warmth, and the moon over the lake. Good work!

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I love the lightness of this. The chorus/bridge (feel the light) is musically so pretty! Love the harmonica solo going into a little bass soloing. This is something I would listen to while walking in the woods. I also like how it doesn't end on the tonic. Like the song keeps going even though we can't hear it anymore.

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The instrumental reminded me a lot of Matt and Kim, but I think the vocals lend it a kind of dreaminess that really sets it apart. I love the main piano part: so simple, and conveys a lot of emotion while contrasting the drum part.

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Love the harmonica, nice musical experience. Greatr pop-voice. Nice performed.

Nice layering of sound sources in the loop. I think the vocals are fine, appropriate for how orchestrated. Great work.

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I had to have a listen to your song about light, after you listened to mine. Yours is lovely,.You have some very distinctive motifs in the arrangement, that work really well, and the lyrics are optimistic, with lots of imagery. Fine melody. Very entertaining.

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What a great melody and production! I love the instruments you chose and a great bridge change up, I really enjoyed this and it felt so upbeat, very nice!

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Wow ... love the catchy melody and the lo-fi sweetness of it all. The little touches (percussion, harmonica) add a nice sense of wistfulness. I like the optimistic lyrics bursting through the melancholy.