The Lord's Prayer

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The Lord's Prayer



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OK - see the first two songs for "granular" liner notes, -- not gonna keep re-pasting it, (if interested).

Anyway, this came from a loooong time feeling that this was a song, singable. So, sometime after FAWM the "power-chord" thing came to mind, played with it a bit, and as of yesterday felt this worked for me, in general.

-- For me, this goes waaaay back to ~'60 - '70 when freedom, hippy, protest "rock" had MANY spiritual elements, --anyone else remember? (I won't name'em but they are there, and played on Top-40 Radio. --So many examples...) Now, they were not likely ever sung in a "congregation" unless in a Stadium. As many now know, (I knew then), even, e.g., i.e., "Grand Funk --Railroad" ... well, yes, some of those lyrics were driving personal feelings in very loud, distorted, stadium rock songs when GF was then, bigger even than Led Zep (OMG!... was that ever true? ..., yup.)

So, if you can "hear" this as through 20 Marshall Stacks, pipped to 20KWatts PA, and etc., then you may relate. Of course, you are over thirty like me Smile ... and just love what I call the "origins" era of "hard" -rock, when "heavy metal" meant a very specific set of songs list. Today, who knows what it means!

So my song book notes:
The Lord’s Prayer [5090 2017]
King James, 6:9-13 (words/lyrics, Public Domain); Music, initial re- Arrangement [ah, name removed, copyright associated alias ustaknow/nutation] 09May’17
Performance note: played as 1, 5 “Power Chord”, acoustic or electric E, A and D strings; start slide to E on A-string, 7th Fret. (Yell on key, into the mic! Smile )

What I find interesting in these Words is that they can, do, belong to "anyone"... drop any 21st cent. label or preconceived thoughts on this, a "pagan" standing in his scorched field 1000 years ago could scream this viscerally into the sky. Ah..., a 21st Cent. Rock Opera... yes, I can feel it coming Smile


D__E F# D
Our Father which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
A Asus, G slide A
Thy will be done

D__E F# D
In earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread.
A Asus, G slide A
And forgive us our debts,

D__E F# D
As we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not
Into temptation,
A Asus, G slide A
But deliver us from evil:

D__E F# D
For thine is the kingdom,
And the power,
And the glory,
For ever. Amen.

[ -- Wicked 1-3 min guitar solo, segued into earth shaking 1-3 drum solo, -- repeat above, and end on last note of ...amen "n" -- silence, master sound off. ]

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Had to hear what you did with this. The Lord's Prayer is so iconic, even many non-Christians know it. I like the driving rock beat. Big, chunky, muscled up acoustic guitar is always good in my book. Cool!

Lots of interesting things in your song and in your liner notes as well. I like the idea of using public domain works because hey, a break from lyric writing is good. Power chords are also my good friend - so much easier to play, ha. And last but not least, your mention of the wicked guitar solo and earth shaking drum solo is very intriguing! Smile

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I was curious as well to hear your interpretation. Definitely has some muscle and punch to it. It's a different take than what I've heard from most growing up, but you've made this rendition unique and wholly yours.

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Nice interpretation done here. Love the guitar in this one. Very nice delivered

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This is fantastic! I love the driving electric guitar with the solemn slow gritty feeling vocals. Very effective. I've heard and sung many versions of this song but none like this. Love it!

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was always sure his name was Howard (sure i did this as a song one time), ohhh well!! Interesting take on this and black and white against Sr Janet Mead's lol

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I like the dynanic sound of the guitar... it has a pear jam like sound. Great to you use a prayer!!! Well done

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Impassioned approach to these timeless and powerful words - often, I make the Lord's Prayer part of my daily meditation. Great guitar playing.
Years ago, I had a 45 record of a nun (I think) doing a poppy rendition - must have been the early 70s, and I think it was a Top 40 hit.
I keep meaning to put the Hail Mary prayer to music. Maybe for FAWM.