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Liner Notes: 

Wrote this after being inspired by the group post skirmish, regarding the theme of "sunrise/sunset". I'm not entirely sure how this is meant to fit into my concept album, but I'll find a way sooner or later.
The lyrics were written in a stream-of-consciousness style. The song is played on slide acoustic guitar. The guitar was tuned to Open C tuning with a capo on the first fret. Since I am not experienced with slide guitar, there are some out-of-tune sounding chords.


Looking outside my back door
Black night fades away to shades of blue
I was not aware of the warning
But I know that it's almost morning

I can hear the birds singing
There's a yellow glow on the horizon
I've stayed up all night tll dawn
It's so beautiful when the sun is rising

Mother Earth, you shine your light
Over the ground occupied by night
I can't look at you for too long
For you'll burn me with your song

There is no more darkness in the room
The light shines through the window
All the gloom and murk fades away
Replaced with happiness of a new day

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Nice and positive message here. Great to wake up to. Would love to hear music to it.

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"I can't look at you for too long For you'll burn me with your song" - nice! Lovely lyrics! Look forward to hearing them set to music.