The boy in the mirror

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The boy in the mirror




Liner Notes: 

A friend of mine that I met at the train spoke about how it would be cool if I did a song about somebody appologizing to himself.
Here we go

Thanks Andy for wanting to collab on this one.


,When Midnight wooed the shaded sun, and moon whispered: "come near"
He stumbled forth on shaky legs, and the image ... suddenly clear
In the mirror the shades of a boy,
Mansteps into hidden decoy
Then in shame he bows his head,
with shattered voice he said

I'm sorry boy how would I know
I lost my way such a long time ago
Forgive me all the sins I have done
I lost our way and now you're gone

2, Dark shadows of humans wandered close, as the shaded rain quietly whisper
A movie played of his younger self in the light of a fierced thunder blister
On his knees by the mirror, he fell and he falls
The time tide rises, the curlev calls
In despait to the image, the old man pray
Wait boy dont judge me to the final day

I'm sorry boy how would I know
I lost my way such a long time ago
Forgive me all the sins I have done
I lost our way and now you're gone

3, The mirrage suddenly clear, man got lost in the blue
In shadows, now wonders to the light, away from his mortal view
He knows, he knew he forgot that boy
The screams inside was dreams destoryed
Now a sleep in enternal dreams
Mirror blow up, life ripped by it seams

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Very sharp lyrics. I actually stare at myself in the mirror, distrustful of my own reflection at times. I don't dislike myself, but it's something I've done for as long a I can remember and I humor myself with it.

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This is a fascinating listen. I'm reminded of a song by Johnny Cash...The Man, I believe? Effective wording. Clear imaging in the narrative. I love Andy's delivery. And I'm reminded again, from a comment that Liz and I made on another song of yours...ah - I'm getting ideas now. Gotta jot something down.

...great song, everyone! Smile

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Andy did an excellent job finding music that totally makes sense for this introspective, image-dense lyric. It's hypnotic blues, and the spoken word and then doubled vocal delivery is understatedly dramatic. So many good words and phrases in the lyric. Great collab!

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very dark sentences here, full of regret. this is captured really nicely and the concept for the song is great too. you really took it on board and put a lot of thought into this song. I can almost see any addict, homeless person or someone spiraling out of control trying to apologise for their mistakes. I'd love to see a follow up song where, the singer looks back on that moment (i.e. this song) and sings how they had made the right decision at the crossroad to fix everything again. not e'one gets a second chance