Fair Weather (Where is Love)

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Fair Weather (Where is Love)




Liner Notes: 

These lovely lyrics were written by Liz Petty. I am at the National Arts festival at the moment and all I had to record my vocal was my cheap Scull Candy ear buds! Will definitely be re-recording this when I get home next week.

Added to note: I have re-recorded this song since I got home to my studio but thought it would be interesting to leave the original there so you can compare (if that sort of thing interests you..ha ha) The new version is here



fresh dew glistens
at the start of new days
brings reflections
of things that
will not stay
over time....
as the sun grows hot
and warm wind
rushes by
the only drops left
may be tears
in lonely eyes

at the dawn of the day
in fair weather
it seems like love
may last forever
but with the heat of time
and no cover
it seems that hearts
grow weary and wonder.....
where is love?

long tall shadows
at the end of the day
cast reminders
that all things
fade away
over time....
when the light is gone
and the darkness
settles in
shadows disappear
and when seen
create fear

in the bright of the day
and fair weather
it seems like love
will last forever
but in black of night
with loud thunder
it seems that hearts
lie afraid and wonder......
where is love?

long tall shadows
and drops of dew
disappear too quickly
like love once shared...
once shared with you
so when the
fair weather comes
I wonder once again....
where is love?

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Great song and treatment, I like the simplicity and am looking forward to hearing your re-recording.

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I like that instrumentation. Mandolin is always good. Acoustic sounds great too. The chorus really jumps out on this. Very beautiful even it is a little melancholy. .

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This is absolutely lovely, both lyrically and musically! The chorus is really special. What a great collaboration! Smile

Nice track, it has a rainy day kind of feel. The mandolin sounds great and the chorus is awesome. Those lyrics in the second verse, effective stuff and you sing it very well. I really like this!

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Gorgeous lyrics and vocals, with an overall feeling of sorrow and longing (even as it is heartbreakingly beautiful) that cuts to the bone. Tremendous collaboration, with singer and lyricist plainly very much in sync.

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How beautiful this is! I am glad you shared so I didn't miss it. Superb collab! Love it

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I hope you two will do more collabs, I remember you've done a few more and they always work out really well. That chorus.... moving! Oh, sweet bass playing too!

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OH what a beautiful song. Fantastic collab it sa pleasure in both music, song and lyrics. Fantastic.

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Really beautiful stuff! Every minor chord is perfectly placed. Lyrics and music match each other perfectly, and the instrumentation is great.

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More Nostalgic than Melancholy. Love those John Denver Like lyrics.. all about The Natural.
It's Beautiful Melody is top notch
Russ Dirol

Well done!

So you recorded by singing into the ear buds... --good thinking. Speakers can be used in reverse (up against kick drum... etc.) ... never thought to use ear buds as mic. Great!

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Beyond gorgeous! Pretty, and so special in every way.

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Nice collab, beautiful lyrics and performance; thanks for sharing!

Came back for updated recording.

It's still a great song Wink

Goes to show, phone upload or full production... if the songs good, it's good.