Padding Down

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Padding Down



Liner Notes: 

This is the first Splittown EP tune!
It's supposed to be for a funny spy-themed video game. Biggrin
Hm, maybe?

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Perfectly in character for the theme. Your playing is immaculate. Clarinet is a great contrast, it's such a tragicomic sound. Smile

I like the change up at around 30 secs in, adds another dimension to it Smile

Boppin'. Fun track, sounds like a nice theme for a loading screen actually, and oddly enough I imagine some Sponge Bob misadventures here. For some reason. The guitar sounds good and the instrument change at 1:06 was a cool trick.

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I love the bouncy nature of this tune, and the flighty lead guitar line on top of the rhythm. Reminds me a bit of "Misery" by Green Day, one of their more unique tunes. I also totally see @Barry Goldman's Spongebob comparison. I also agree with @Kraftec and @Barry Goldman that the change in 30 seconds in, and the instrument change at 1:06 really add a lot. You could've kept the groove the same, but switching it up makes it much interesting. Great work!

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Cool sounds! Kind of like surf meets the carnival. I also like the instrument changes. Fun Smile

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LOVE THIS !!! THE OPENING NOTES HOOKED ME INSTANTLY. I was tapping my toe and snapping my fingers and really dug this. Got that whole blues n jazz vibe going. Nice use of multiple instruments too. It was a shame this track came to an end. It finishes much nicer and tidier than song 1, which kinda had a jarring end. I would've had maybe 4 or 8 more beats to the ending as it slowed down, so you could travel away with the music into silence. Great work, I dig you dude!

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.... or the theme tune to a remake of Bergerac!? Hit the nail on the head for a soundtrack tune, tres cool.

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Ear worms are always welcome here... Love it
Russ Dirol

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Very nice-- I could hear it with fiddles in place of guitars for a klezmer feel. A very summery feel.

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Oh great tune. . I really enjoyed this one. Flows great and gives an intense warm feeling.

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This is fun. It has a sort of tango-ish feel to me. This could be a really versatile composition for someone who's a good marketer. Spy movie, video game, comedy act, etc.

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This is my favourite of the ones I've heard. I love this sort of music. I can imagine Tom Waits vocalizing over the top of it. Bravo! Excellent!

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This has a "kick" to it! It has a happy feel to it...warm and friendly. Sounds great!

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Feels like an insane carnival surf-clown polka, something totally off-kilter about this, it works very well. Nice riff, and I dig when the ride comes in for the B section, great tone on that cymbal. Feels like a clown smiling a little too large with one extra sharp tooth and some other teeth missing. Was that melodica?

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I love that melody. It's humorous to my ears but sounds so tasty.