If It’s All God Too

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If It’s All God Too



Liner Notes: 

LOOKING FOR FEEDBACK HERE folks, -- made you laugh, cry, throw-up, etc., let me know. Hey, if it made you feel all squishy, melty inside, gud2no, sayso! Smile Don't assume "I" think it's good myself, I may not! If you hear something good in it and tell me, or not, -- that's helpful no matter your level of "expertise". Some real krappe songs got saved and even collaborated that way, so again, -- communicate your thoughts!

5090 "Demo link" may not work [LET ME KNOW] so here's the direct literal link -->

URL to SoundCloud Demo:



No excuses, but context here:
I just switched my PC's to Linux Mint 18.1 with LibreOffice, --and it's having an affect, but very glad to be off Windows.

Also, as done last year, all here will be one take Samsung Phone recordings, direct upload to SoundCloud, as private (avoiding spam), so have to past in a direct link to it, to hear it.

And, as some discussed in a "pre-forum" for 5090 2017, some may be digging into old stuff and attempting to make something of it, --not spontaneous ad hoc... so that's likely me here too, this year.

Also discussed here in a "pre-forum", was "theme". Since these to me all seem to have a "Tone" (I'll leave that there, I think they're are not "disparate", so are a theme if one can recall that forum, or is in the Archive just prior to 5090 2017.) It looks like there may be ten "songs"... so if 5 can be an album ? we have a theme Smile Eh, who cares, just say'in Smile

Notes on my song sheet pasted in here:
[Notes: started 2005, revised various times, never finished, revised 04May’17 to finish? 5090 2017?]

-- Here it is Smile

[***FYI: For those who don't know me, I do not clean up my Lyrics, I included all performance notes, etc., so the ,e.g., " s-g " after G for example, is the *Note of the triad chord I sing [1 3 5], in that triad, performance notes... how I remember my songs melodies, etc. Smile ***]


Intro 2x:
Dm s – d,f, C s-g sus / /
Hey, hey, hey…,
C s-a,g G s-g D s-f#, d sus / /
hey ee aa ee yay aa,

Dm s-a
If it’s all God
Black, broken unfair weights
Am s-a
Gave it all to them
What, how and why?

--- Chorus ---
G s-g s-d Dm s-a [ // // Sus ] [s – a,g,d on end]
If it’s all God, what / / He’d do too?

Dm C [Next 2lines 2X’s]
I wanna be heard
Lord… … God, be kindly

If it’s all God
And they accum u la ted
While we didn’t make it too
On nothing more


Then, He passed them on, to us
Their stuff too…
A gift for us…
Their accum u lated stuff

G Dm [ // // Sus ]
If it’s all God, what / / He’d do too?


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Well, my first reaction after hearing your song is - hey hey heeeey... You're back making songs! Smile Anyway, I recognize your style - it's all good. Comfortable guitar playing and vocals with something to say. As to the message in your song - my interpretation goes something like this... So there's a God, and then there's all this stuff. But hey, how come all these people are so unhappy? With all their stuff! Ha. That's my take, based on observation of life. Until next time!

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the matchings of your vocal delivery with the strumming is spot on. Very emotive work.

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Audly says what I was thinking as I was listening. There is a very good balance between guitar and vocals in this song, not just in the mix, but in the sharing of the space in the song, which sounds really good. Sounds powerful and emotional.

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I like the guitar. And the vocal delivery. And as above, we all agree they fit together in this song like PB&J. (I'm also always a sucker for Dm in any tune...) Nice interaction between majors & minors for that kind of "not too dark, but just the right amount of dark" feel.

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Very nice intro reminds me of travelling across Ireland. Love the vocal performance makes me happy and the song creates a feeling of comfort and as if I am on my way. Could be filmmusic in like a Young guns movie.

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This is a big full powerful song with a wonderfully rich and full sound. I love the big open strum and the resonance vocals. I like the simplicity of the words that deliver such a strong sentiment. I couldn't help but to sing harmony along with you and wanted to play my drums with some heavy floor Tom.

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Love the delivery!!! It gives me the feels I get from listening to the soundtrack for Into the Wild. Good stuff!

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I like how this sounds like a grunge-era song filtered through British Isles folk. You're someone I'd love to see/hear perform.
I have a lot of God questions that I try to answer for myself through meditation and through my songs.