Early July Heat

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Early July Heat



Liner Notes: 

I went and played an open mic last night, and already had one new song 'happy birthday america 2017' ready, but figured i wanted another song- so just before leaving , wrote this very quickly- played into the iPhone using a travel-size baby taylor guitar, too, quick down and dirty recording..(did a little post production tho- compression and a bit of echoing to get a fuller sound)

there's a video of the 3 song set i did at the open mic and if you're curious to hear the 'live version' its here at



Its early July, I got the attention span of a fruit fly
Buzzin’ around waiting for a place to land
In the next heartbeat
Trying to get out of this heat

Its early July, I’m in that skillet and I’m starting to fry
Brown at the edges oh turn me over like a piece of meat
Trying to get out of the heat

Think of this next winter
When your breath freezes in the air
This is the kind of day that is the answer to a wintertime prayer

It’s early July, sun beats down and I wonder why
Why the earth had to tilt, the glaciers had to retreat
Why do we have to have this heat?

© M. Skliar 2017

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I think I got overheating just reading the lyrics alone! Good little song!

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I'm watching/listening to the live version as I write this. Great to see/hear you! Good crowd response, too.
Laid-back groove - antidote to summer heat. Nice jazzy vocal. I dig it!

Good song, it has an airy feel to it and I like the slightly jazz styling in the verses. It sounds summery, good guitars as well. Nicely done!

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Brown at the edges oh turn me over like a piece of meat - Brilliant!

Well crafted song Smile

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I can relate.

Gimme solid 15 degrees celsius year round and I'm happy.

Dude, you gotta make sure this gets played in every radiostation. Trump will do something about it.

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Nailed the hot summer vibe. A great song to listen to in the air conditioning.

On a side note, they just recorded the coldest July temperature in the Northern Hemisphere (ever) in Greenland. Perhaps we should take a trip and cool off a bit?