Cousin Vodka

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Cousin Vodka



Liner Notes: 

Based upon a family joke that never fails to amuse and entertain us.
Hand percussion is a shaker made my the same guy who made the guitar in my profile photo.


Have you heard what’s going down?
Family reunion back in town!
Folks we haven’t seen in years
Hugs and laughs and even tears
But one uninvited guest
Spoils the day for all the rest
At any gathering Cousin Vodka ruins everything!

Whose idea to invite?
All he does is cajole, incite
One more bottle gettin’ killed
Our dark secrets gettin’ spilled
Uncles running for their lives
Aunts chasing them with butter knives
At any gathering Cousin Vodka ruins everything!

This was no way to behave
Grandma rollin’ in her grave
He slinked away, but not in shame
Just before news crews and police came
He’ll be locked up and put away
He’ll make parole again some day
At any gathering Cousin Vodka ruins everything!
Could be a funeral or wedding
Cousin Vodka ruins everything!

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Oh man, this cousin and I had many heated arguments last night. Paying for it today. Ha!
The personification of vodka is hilarious! I bet your reunions are tons of fun.
Fun groove to it as well. Smile

The classic Bo beat! Fun song, I like the lyrical content here. It's amusing to personify vodka. Well done.

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Oh, that instigator. I know it well, though thankfully he didn't show up at our family parties. Creative writing, although it does very closely play off of "I Want Candy" from the '80's.

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Having said that, it's funny about melody: So many songs in that style have a similar melody. "I know a guy named Way-Out Willy..." "I know a guy who's tough but sweet..." Similar to how many blues songs can often share very similar melodies.

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What a great idea, and done so well to a bo diddly/way out willie/NFA beat! great job, as always!'s picture

Sounds like many family gatherings. Always a bad apple. Fun song!!! Nice hearing you on this site.

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Cousin vodka and me deal just fine. We've got a timeshare.

Fun song. Hope everyone's alright. Biggrin

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Yep, he pisses all over everyone. Love the "Hand Jive" backing!

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And I thought it was just my family. Cool story Chip.