Special Occasion

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Special Occasion



Liner Notes: 

If you want to sing-along, you'll have to head to http://yam655.com/project/2017-50-90/02-Special-Occasion.html -- that page is set up with synchronized lyrics. If you want to collab and, say, want the FLAC version of the (V9 MP3) track here, that's also available there.

This song is released Creative Commons Attribution. You can make money off of it, you just need to credit me where appropriate.

So... there's two different ways this song can go. You can either go funny or you can go serious.

I'm looking for someone to sing it if they want. If you don't like the instruments, there's MIDI sources of what I turned in to the current electronic stuff.

Here's the sheet music: http://yam655.com/project/2017-50-90/02-Special-Occasion.pdf


This is a really special occasion.
I did not think I would cry.

But, I was alone. So, alone.
Until, at last, I met you.

Did you think I'd forget the occasion.
Imprinted then on my mind.

Your beauty, it was contagious.
All around you joy and smiles.

I have been waiting for this occasion.
It was playing on my mind.

I wanted to get you alone.
And the time, it flew on by.

Is it time for the special occasion?
It's my nerves, but they'll be fine.

Okay, here I go. I will start.
[pick one]
(Humor) You should know I think you're swell.
(Serious) I really love you a lot.

This is a really special occasion.
I did not think I would cry.
I did not think I would cry.

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I'm not "hearing" the path to going funny here -- the music is pretty moody and intense, and the "serious" lyric choice sounds better in my head. Even in that, I "hear" this as almost a scary, high-pressure love; it's not striking me as sweet, but rather obsessive.

But in any event, the fact that I have such a strong reaction just reinforces the admiration for this whole multi-pronged project (with sing-alongs and stems and lyrical choices) that you've embarked on here -- it's very cool, and a great way to preemptively collaborate. I look forward to seeing / hearing other people's responses and contributions!

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I like the lyric a lot, it's a really interesting take on the challenge (I was thinking about whether to write a special occasion song and I was just thinking "uh... Christmas?" so it's inspiring to see a more creative idea like this one!). The music is interesting, very moody and intense for sure.

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Wow. I wish I were up for a challenge like this. I love the dark quality of the instruments/accompaniment.

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What a different way to read lyric and hear song. what makes it interesting is that the lyric is dancing apart in my head, second time around I could put it together better, wow