Good enough, strong enough, fair enough

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Good enough, strong enough, fair enough



Liner Notes: 

My first!

Had some fine moments creating this, especially gluing the verse and chorus parts, but also making the bridge work.


I know
I don't show
not even half of what you show

Am I good enough
strong enough
fair enough
Will I pull it off
to believe in love?

Am I good enough
strong enough
fair enough
Will I pull it off
to believe in love?
Am I good enough ( baby, take time)
strong enough (precious time)
fair enough
Will I pull it off (love is still patient)
to believe in love? (it's worth the wait)

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You Captured my Attention, It sounds Massive, But when looked at in depth It has a lot of simplicity
Very Good start. my friend
Russ Dirol

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Swirling and circular. It's rather hypnotic. Such smooth sounds. Listening with headphones I can hear those really cool vocal delay effects panned left and right. Very cool.

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Loving the effects and the feeling the music creates as if swirling in uncertainty and questions - fits the lyrics quite well.

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Why is it this makes me think of the 10th Doctor? I don't know, except that it is cool, dreamy, full of contradictions, and gone too soon.

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Really interesting guitar tone which then gets surrounded by a kind of maelstrom of sound ... vocals are melodic and easy on the ear ... bass adds even more melody ... like pop music from another planet. That "clean" bridge is great because of its contrast with the rest. Love the double vocals ("love is still patient") at the end. Really enjoyed!

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a wonderful mix of sounds Ferry. Your signature guitars introduce the piece, and suddenly we are transported into a prog rock fantasy. The vocals bring an emotional tension with all those questions about love. It had to be a challenge to get all this goodness right. But the results are beyond good enough!

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A lovely and very interesting song with a nice marriage between music and vocals. I also like the lyrics that do not contain just questions, but reflect self-doubts of the protagonist.

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Fantastic tune, very catchy and one favourite so far. Like how you draw me in

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This song is brilliant in the same way I feel about some Flaming Lips songs. Great atmosphere, great sound, and repeating that cool melody of "Am I good enough...?" gives it kind of a mad introspection. It's musically describing an experience I used to have of a cycle of self doubt bouncing around in my head - I was younger when I used to get like that, and I drank more Biggrin I really dig this!

Totally psychedelic sounds - your buoyant vocals fit the style well. Great work! Smile

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Ferry, you are rocking! Very cool tune and instrumentation. Full of energy. Loving your vocals and playing.

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Loved this from the beginning! Funny how your lyrics show some sort of insecurity while the instrumentals totally make me believe like you can do anything. I love the kinda haunting melody. This rad first one sounds promising for the rest of your work this Summer.

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Lovely, hypnotic riff, great mix, dynamic orchestration, hooky lyrics, magic. Extra love for the harmony in the round crescendo. You're on fire! Way beyond good enough. Hugs.

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Fantastic vocals.

They do so much over the sound wall background track. Smile

You are if you think you are.

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Wow. This really sets about laying on a psychedelic vibe and absolutely nails it. Those opening guitars are spectacular. Really dig this.

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This has an awesome epic feel with the swirling big sounds that sweep you in and the big often unanswerable questions - it depends on so many different things, doesn't it, some which are completely out of our control!

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Great title and the song lived up to the title as well. Nice retro feel to the terrific vocals.

Fuzzy's picture

Wonderful as usual.
The hypnotic guitar, the active bass line, just great.
Your production work is outstanding.
Good tune for the headphones.
Keep 'em coming!!

Silver Machine's picture

Man, are you from outer space! Crazy sound you getting here, like a Russian cosmonaut in orbit with a guitar!
Mind how you land that thing!

Kristi's picture

The music whisks us away and we're transported into a journey of sounds that are totally entertaining. I especially enjoyed the melody on "Will I pull it off" and how it slows down a little to say "to believe in love". Great job!

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Interesting melody! Your mixes are becoming better and better. Your trademark reverb works very well!

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I listened to this second (after "The Answer Should Be Yes"), and you plainly have a gift for swirling, transporting melodicism. The cyclical nature of the song just waltzes around the listener's ear and brain and enthralls in its simple, yet profound, question.

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I agree with Russ. You've done a great job with the soundscape. I particularly like the melody and vocals. It's a good delivery. The more I listen, the more I like.

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I love the chord progression and instrumentation on this one. It's hard to come up with something different, that hasn't been done. Lyrically I'm totally in this place in my evolution so I appreciated what you had to say. Really love this song!

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You create such cool vibes I always feel like I'm in a different place when I listen to your songs. Really enjoyed the feel in this.