My Sex Tape

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My Sex Tape


Liner Notes: 

Well, this indeed is a special occasion, my very first sex tape, I wrote these lyrics to honor the occasion. I am hoping somebody will come up with a killer tune for it, and it will make the top of the charts as it deserves to.


I'm so tired of being on the B-List
Down at the very end
Playing at the Ale House
For family and friends

I've made my decision
Gonna get some notoriety
I'm gonna make a sex tape
Won't you star with me

my sex tape
It would be a big mistake
To miss your opportunity
To get your show biz break
In my sex tape
It's gonna be so fun to make
They'll praise your spontaneity
We'll do 200 takes
Of my sex tape

Now this will be so good for me
But I won't be alone
It's how Kim K got famous
Now she's in Rolling Stone

Take time to consider
But don't you wait too long
Or you might end up bitter
When your chance is gone


I know your life is so routine
It's giving you the blues
Time to step outside the box
And step out of your shoes
Take off your gray sweat shirt and pants
Let down your silky hair
Drop your bra and ankle socks
And granny underwear


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Timbaland... that's what this needs. Amusing lyrics, especially suggesting 200 takes would be required Biggrin

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Ha! I love that you tagged this romance. Smile You and Kim K are gonna be stars!

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Ok, so obviously I clicked through to this song because the title appealed to my prurient curiosity, and these lyrics absolutely delivered on the wackiness front. "We'll do 200 takes" -- well said Biggrin .

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What a difficult invitation to refuse. I snickered out loud at the mention of the 200-take spontaneity. The Bridge is a highlight, with lines like

'Time to step outside the box
And step out of your shoes'

And one of the most realistic, relatable accounts of undressing I've ever read.