My First Hat Trick

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My First Hat Trick



Liner Notes: 

Song skirmish group prompt "Hat Trick". Still not thrilled with the music on this however I posted since there is only one day left in this weeks challenge. I may rerecord later.


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My First Hat Trick

10th grade, getting mostly A’s, but I am small and weak
Pushed around, picked on, pacifists don’t fight back
In P.E. I’m usually picked near last
I have short legs
I can’t run fast
I love playing sports but my fair weather nerd friends ditch me
Softball I’m a catcher, touch football the only way I get the ball is by interception
Basketball I take long shots on the perimeter, volleyball I can’t jump high enough to spike
I have no bag of tricks

Monday coach Jago says “today we’re playing field hockey”
In the field past the monkey bars by the rusty backstop
I played hockey on roller skates in Reynoldsville Pennsylvania
I’ve got a skill these Florida kids don’t,
I know how to handle a stick
I sweat, intercept a long pass, carry the puck for the sandy goal
Coach Jago smiles and yells “look at Getch, he’s a regular Bobby Orr”
Tuesday I shoot and score, Wednesday I get picked
Based on my one trick

Thursday it rains we play in the gym with orange plastic pucks, red and blue flat sticks
Pounding on the metal roof echoes off purple walls in the Panther Pit
School alma mater painted black and white letters
Coach Jago sits and watches from the stage
Reads the News Press pretending to check grades
Ignores our yelling hormone charges
under the shadow of retractable stands ducking wildman Roy’s high sticks,
I get my first hat trick

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That percussion in the stereo image is cool. You have such a full sound in this mix. I love it! The lyrics and vocal remind me of a movie monologue.

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Speaking as the one New Englander who never learned to skate, way to show those Florida kids how it's done. I enjoyed this song on multiple levels. Nice work.

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I enjoyed this a lot , the message is very fine and I like how you deliver.

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I can totally relate to this. I was terrible at sports, except for floor hockey. Then they decided to remove floor hockey from the curriculum. I really like this song... the anthem for all us scrawny kids.

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Your tone of voice and delivery are great and the story you tell is accompanied by a very fitting chord progression. Impressive!

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Digging the tambourine for the main beat and percussion. The track has a very Baz Lehrman feel to it. I too was quite bad at sports, but finally found one I was good at in high school. Cool story, I enjoyed the slower pacing. I am hoping part of the percussion is tapping a hockey stick.

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ah the underdog.. or so that how this reads to me

Love all the sounds in here. I don't know if it's my phone but your voice wasn't as loud as everything else so it was hard to make out what you were saying

still great though

Great story, all the details make it real and alive. The music works very well too, pleasingly loose, and yet the guitar is tense and nervous too, and the chords so odd - a vivid picture of the desire to belong, yet falling short - until the hat trick of course. Very cool.

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i like this story. field/floor hockey... ah memories. i didn't have a great deal of confidence in those other sports either, but floor hockey... yes. first thing from the beginning of this number, i thought lou reed within 1 or 2 seconds. good groove...

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Man... I just close my eyes, run like hell, and kick the ball... where ever it may go. I've made so many friendly goals... oh boy.

That is some wicked progression. On the verge of constant intrigue.

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On my second listen, I am going back to hunt for that part where the chords took on extra color that I perked up to. It's Monday, the change from F5 to A5, where they good!! The cauldron bubbles all through that verse.
But both times through, my hand won't stop patting out the rhythm on my leg. I feel like I'm gonna be coming back to this one again, it's so infectious in it's drive, and I need help in that department.
And the story is the stuff classics are made of: The Karate Kid and Billy Elliot jump to mind. The sensory details in the final verse are fantastic. Also, loved the foreshadowing wordplay of "I have no bag of tricks."

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Cool, but odd, jangly sound on this. It's somewhat hypnotic. I like the rambling monologue too. Nicely done.

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Great, vivid story - I can really picture this local scene. And I love the insistent music - the jangle and the percussion.