Take Your Butter

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Take Your Butter



Liner Notes: 

I have a few songs goin', but the lyrics aren't done, and I thought I needed to get on the board. So I just freestyled for a couple minutes, went back and added some bass, and let Titular choose the title. Gee, this is easy. Fool


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Great rythm and rock feeling. Nice tempo and great balance with instruments altough the volume seems to glitch from low to very high at some points. (Maybe its just here?)

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Wonderful instrumental - great groove and feel. I like the change up between sections.

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Well, you do make it look easy. You're sounding great! Nice and tight and energized, with just a smidge of psychedelia flourishes tossed in. Got anything cooking for lyrics?

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Nice jam! I like that you played some chord arpeggios (C and G I think) in there between strumming. "Take Your Butter" is a good title - way better than something like "Id Of The Nineteenth" or "Sundays on the Remembering" or stuff like that I get half the time :P

Just like butta. Smooth track here, it has a nice groove, good guitar sound, fine composition and overall a nice upbeat sound. Head bopping. I like the palm muted cooldown to, nice track! I feel like the last chord should be something different though, it's the perfect spot for a Beatles style end, but otherwise it's fine!

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Nice job. Enjoyed it. Are you a "one man band" or have you got some backup going there? Very nice guitar.

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Oh man, I love it, dude! Got a superb Tragically Hip-like feel. I'd love to write some lyrics and add some Gordon Downie-like vocals to this. Smile

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Sweet little groove. I see a lot of potential in the chorus for when you add lyrics. Good work!

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Several instrumentals today so far. I love it! Who needs words? They're distracting bastards anyway...
This message is brought to you by the letter "S". Smooth, simple, sultry, shiny. Smile

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Sweet. Guitar is rocking. GREAT SOUND!

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This is a great intro jam Rod. The rhythm section is tight, and the reverb has the right amount of juiciness. A kaleidoscope of guitar heroes comes to mind, Can't wait to hear vocals!

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Ooh, nice! The held notes at the back there get a sitar-y feel going every now and again which really works. I'm picking up a bit of a 60s psychedelia rock vibe from this, tho' that might be because I've spent the last few evenings watching the new Grateful Dead documentary on Amazon...

And your title's suddently acquired relevance and currency today, too: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40506573

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What a lovely rock-tune, the guitar play is superb! Enjoyed my listen and looking very forward to hear it with vocals...

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Very nice driving (in both senses of the word) tune ... guitars sound great! I like when it all comes down a bit at 1:12 or so ... very 60s garage rock-ish. Enjoyed!

That easy, huh? Wink Thanks for mentioning Titular - maybe I'll have a go with this style of musical creation one day. Your music sounds and feels like smooth butter spread on toast. That's supposed to be a good thing. Smile

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Rock on! Guitars sound great. I keep wanting to sing, "Take your butter and shove it up your..." That would totally work for the verse and chorus Wink

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Maybe I'd rather have yours. This does sound pretty good to my ears. I like the energy. I'd like to hear a soulful vocal on top, but it certainly works as is.