Cold Cup of Coffee

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Cold Cup of Coffee



Liner Notes: 

I'll admit that I wrote three of the four verses last week, as I took the dog for her morning walk. My brain was thinking in 12-bar blues, and I thought about my coffee getting cold back at the house.
And musically I borrowed from a modern blues/soul song - can you guess? Hint: he's only put out one album, maybe two by now. But I did sneak in some new (for me, at least) guitar licks.
So, if/when I get to 50 (usually I do), I'll be sure to do 51 to make up for this not-quite-within-the-rules song.
Part of my July 4 morning outdoor recording session - you can hear a hawk screech as the song begins.


Cold cup of coffee, man I’m so sad and broke
But it’s all I got and all that keeps me woke

Cold cup of coffee, can’t get no heat
Stale biscuit all I got to eat

Cold cup of coffee, no warmth can I find
Colder woman weighs on my mind

Cold cup of coffee, just can’t heat it up
Think I’ll add some whiskey to my cup

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I been looking..
I found this...
nice You got a handle on this one YEA
Russ Dirol

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First thought .... Dude what are you doing to the bird ? (Background sound)
Think I need the whiskey here as my brain started to imagine things hehe.
Very great played and you know I love your voice. Great job

Lake's picture

Oh man you've got the blues! And I love it! Great vocals and strum that convey the woeful lyrics so well! I wanted to play along!

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Cool groove, great feel, just a really fun lazy-morning listen (even if it's currently evening where I am!).

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Great stuff, Chip! Love that guitar and your vocals are perfect. Laid-back, just like a lot of good blues. Just what I needed after a hectic day at work. Smile

JamKar's picture

Your guitar is superb as usual Chip. Ha ha, hawk as backup singer works for me!

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I like your blues starting with A Blue Jay! Real fine guitar playing Smile That whiskey will help the flavor of biscuit and coffee, if not the woman Smile

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Love the guitar soloing and the percussion you add on the guitar. And I like the cold cup of coffee hook. There's so many directions you could go!

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This is heart-breaking.

I guess that's blues for you. White blues that is. Biggrin

Hope you get your life together. You coffee life.

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Cold coffee and a stale biscuit? Man, that's about as awful as life can get. The guitar taps really make this hit home (all pun intended).

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Enjoyed that a lot! Background birds always a winner.

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Great laid-back blues about something we can all identify with. Reminds me of JJ Cale. Love the outdoor recordings!