I’m Beginning

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I’m Beginning




Liner Notes: 

Skirmish prompt "Beginning". Another music first foray, this one started with a jazz rhythm at 110 bpm, then plunking on keyboard in the key of C. Roughed out some lyrics and had a go. A bit of a meta 5090 song.


I’m Beginning
Key of C

Em Em Am
I’m beginning, could be winning
Clock is spinning round, round and round

Still I will have hope, for a time to know how, now
Trying different tuning, or experimenting
(Go) Forward or (be) stagnating
Writing or procrastinating, now, heres how, its time to write songs now


Always learning, always burning
The candle at both ends, again, and again


Repeat Verse 1


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I love the lyrics - they definitely capture that oh-my-God-time-is-running-out skirmish feeling! And the music gives the feeling of minutes ticking away. Nice! Smile

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I love the contrast between the relaxed, easy-going tempo and the lyrics which remind me time is short and especially in a skirmish I gotta move fast! Really interesting melody and music too! Nice work on the skirmish Andy!

Max Goldman's picture

Reminds me a bit of Steely Dan's Do It Again, both in the lyrics and in the minor chord held through the verses. Then other parts sound a bit more Pink Floyd-ish. Nice!

plainwhitetoast's picture

This sounds a lot like how my day has felt; kind of hesitant and seeking and questioning and turning, always turning.

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Andy - Congrats on completing the skirmish. Very inventive composition. I alway like hearing your stuff because it is totally different from anything I would ever think of. NIce job.

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I like the sound of the ticking clock on the left channel that fits so perfectly with the beginning theme and the time phrases. And the phrasing in some of your lines is great. This is motivation to get going if ever there was one.

TomS's picture

What a great skirmish. Is it OK to say that I could hear Tom Waits doing this? or Sister Lovers era Chilton! Smile

laotraNati's picture

Nice beginning Smile I like the contrast between an "awkward" tempo feeling with your melody and lyrics

JamKar's picture

I love the chords going into the chorus. This skirmish is ripe for development. The percussion sounds like a Gamelan which I really dig. Great job Andy!

Jillington's picture

I hear Lou Reed in here! Nice use of shaker/percussion for just the right amount of texture.

Ianuarius's picture

Psychedelic! Yet again.

The message is spot on. There are always more candles. Just keep burning. Heck, here's a blowtorch!

Pam Grisham's picture

Your music is interesting and I really like the last verse.

headfirstonly's picture

I agree with @TomS - can totally imagine Tom Waits doing this. I love the live feel of it all.

And now I'm thinking of the original TMNT movie where they order pizza: "The clock is ticking, dude!"