American Contradictions

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American Contradictions


Liner Notes: 

A quick write about Contradictions inspired by a meditating pyromaniac friend

Hearing it my head as a folksy bluegrass country or classic redneck country


American Contradictions

she sat on a cushion
legs crossed
eyes closed
uttering monosyllables
like some ummms
and mellow ohmms

meditating in solitude
by dim soft
vowing peace and
until tonight

then she went to the back shed
got artillery grade mortars
a nine shot rack
of four inch tubes

filled with mega gram explosives
for colossal fireworks
she struck a match
and lit the fuse

she is filled with contradictions
but yes so are we...
we embrace unique values
that fit our sensibilities
it will not make logical sense
to those with differing views
but hey this is America
and this is what we do...

he ate at the table
vegan stew
uttering harsh opinions
about just what
omnivores do...

plotting a mission
to free all
chickens and cows
protesting animal research
on rats and fish
to shut it down...

then he went to the back shed
got out his AK-47
loaded his jeep
with hunting gear

drove out to God's high country
as the sun started to set
hunted down some
white tailed deer

he is filled with contradictions
but yes so are we....
we embrace unique values
that fit our sensibilities
it will not make logical sense
to those with differing views
but hey this is America
and this is what we do...

ya hey this is America
and this is what we do...

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We are indeed full of contradictions and you stated it well! Let me know when I can hear it.

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Ah, are the mortars actually some fireworks? This was confusing me, because I'm a mortar officer in my unit. Biggrin (Never heard of a 4" mortar or one that had a fuse.)

I wonder if you could really rip the "this is America and this is what we do" part into some sorta crowd singalong type deal like "born in the usa" or something. That would make me happy.

I like all the imagery. Very specific stuff, which is always good in my book. Good job!

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Overall, I liked it. Still trying to quite get the sense of it. Are we talking about how people are innately contradictory, and that it's OK to hold these conflicting views, as the world is not black and white and any view held necessarily brings with it a degree of cognitive dissonance?

Or are we illustrating the hypocrisy of people who take certain militant stances?

The first verse suggests A and the second suggests B.

And what are we to make of the US in all this? I think people deal with this sort of internal conflict worldwide.

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Oh those contradictory Americans. Fireworks are beautiful. Other than the giant boom, they're very peaceful as well. Smile Your second verse makes sense to me too. I can see how a person would hunt to eat, but be very aware that corporations treat animals poorly. But I don't think an AK47 is a hunting gun. Smile

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I'm glad you see the contradictions! You have some great lines here..I need to speak up for the animals also- because so many people do care.

I see this daily- people say they care about how animals are treated then stick a fork into them! Some say , "we care, but not enough". That really means not caring.
If we care about peace, justice and animals, our planet and our own health.... we go vegan. There is no friendly way to commodify another sentient being. Rights violations as we humans have determined for our own species are an injustice. We must also apply equal consideration about injustices and rights violations, to the other sentient beings we share this planet with. Humans do fine on a plant based diet.

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I'm sorry I'm only just visiting your page, Elizabeth. My album is done, so I'm back in 50/90 land now.
Really great write here. I see/read/hear about stuff like this all the time (although not just in America), and you've documented it very well with these words.
Great stuff!

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Great write! I picture this with a male singer/performer. High energy, with lots of instruments! Though I guess this would be an interesting song to try with a singing bowl and lots of percussion.

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A very cool take on just how diverse we are as a nation and as individuals.

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I'll try to have a go at this since I'm not American and I guess a different tangent to the orbit of meanings might bring some resolution to peace on earth. If not - it just might strike in between. As long as we don't eat the table Lol