Rain of Blades

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Rain of Blades



Liner Notes: 

First song! And the first song of my Synthwave EP. I gotta come up with a name for it. Biggrin

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


Fantastic work! A great song to start off your epic adventure - the orchestration, with the repeating motif, throughout really pulls it all together. Smile

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Nicely epic; this really soars in spots, and is full of tension and anticipation, like the score to an epic montage in preparation for a battle scene. (Notwithstanding the synths, I'm picturing dragons and knights and demons.) Very cool!

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OK then.... this beats my stuff straight across the Board.
With that raspy, grinding background,
I see a film pic from above the crowded streets of NYC.
with people all dressed in Black and Grey, milling around like Rats in a Maze.
Yet the contrasting Strings theme is driving a mysterious
even hidden flow of some dubious character.
You certainly have a better control of those strings than I do.
Love it
Russ Dirol

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Captivating and compelling. I love the atmospheric feeling in juxtaposition with the driving beat! Awesome!

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Oh yeah, great intro that pulled my right in. Convincing, exciting stuff, really! That gritty arpeggio rocks fantastically!

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Hey, there! This is fun stuff, excellent energy and buzz! Great title, too, that reflects the "splashy" melody. Thoroughly enjoyed the orchestration. Fantastic work with the strings! It's definitely a winner! You never disappoint!! Keep up the awesome work!

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This has such commanding power to it. Anticipation, mystery, suspense...I can easily see it fitting in with any kind of action movie and it would heighten anything that we'd be looking at. Excellent!

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There is a sense of strength throughout this song. I could hear this being used in film under the conquering hero scenes. Or the battling against tall odds scene. It does hold together very well. I'm looking forward to more from this EP.

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A guy I used to work with, introduced me to this kinda sound and I can appreciate how much work goes on behind the scenes to build a track like this.

It's got that epic, creepy, trancey sort of feel to it and is quite hypnotic. The depth and severity kept me hooked. Looking forward to hearing your second track after this.

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From the thumping kick drum and the fat bass I was expecting the melody to be played on distorted guitar or a fuzzy synth. The celeste is a really interesting choice, and in confounding my expectations it really made me sit up and pay attention. And it pays off when the full-on orchestral arrangement arrives. Really cool track.

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Awesome stuff. I love how the kick melds so well as a floor to the track - kicks are hard, man. Strings fit really nicely, too. Good work! Definitely looking forward to the rest because I <3 synthwave. Biggrin

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Damn, this mighty fine! I am usually not keen on synth stuff but you have made this really beautiful! Love the orchestral stuff so much too! This is such a dramatic difference from your Rob Zombie song but equally well done!

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I listened to your songs the other day, but now I'm able to comment, so I'm listening again. Really love the different styles you're doing. Such diversity!
I'm not familiar with the Synthwave genre, but this is very cool. I like the way the electronic style mixes with the almost classical kinda vibe. The insistent kick drum is very effective, and the dynamics are very well done. Stellar production, too!