Freedom Is Our Worship Word

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Freedom Is Our Worship Word



Liner Notes: 

A prompt from another writing group given a few days ago. Still cogitating on the original ideas to mix with yet another prompt. Today I figured I'd go electric using the letters from the prompt as the F E D chord progression and heavy minor chords. I started with a Garageband rhythm drum loop and overlayed several tracks of improv on the chord progression in various places. Then I remembered the Star Trek episode "The Omega Glory" when Kirk said the word "freedom" the cellmate said "that is a worship word", and off I went on the lyrical idea. Added a few percussion tracks emulating the rhythm loop, effects, and a bit of a mix. All done in an hour.


Freedom Is Our Worship Word
Guitar tuning open Dm - DADFAD;

Verse 1
They came from the sea, They came from the sky
We wanted peace, they destroyed our tribe

Freedom is our worship word,
Freedom is our worship word,
Freedom is our worship word,

Verse 2
They took our land, they took our tongues
Killed many with their fireweapons

Repeat refrain

Verse 3
They raped women, tortured children
Sentenced us to the badlands

Repeat refrain

Verse 4
Now we wait, for our revenge
Our spirits will rise again

Repeat refrain

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Andy, I think this is my favorite Getch tune of all time! Timely and felt deep. Congrats on a a superb start this year!

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Thankful for our freedom, but not proud of how we've treated those who were here before us. You expressed that well.

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"Freedom is out worship word" is a powerful concept indeed, and you used it very well in this song, making a real connection with the importance of the idea in just a few short verses and through the power of insistent repetition. Plus, the periodic disquieting, aggressive moments drive home how wrong things are when the ideal falls apart. Pretty nifty collage here!

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Your song is eerily relevant to this day, the 4th of July. An impressive output in 1 hour of work too. Gives us a lot to think about. Great contribution! Smile

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An ambitious beginning to your 50/90. Cool and interesting sounds, powerful lyrics.

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Such a cool and meaningful chord progression. Great message too, spoken word is just perfect for this.

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Interesting in a cool...I like sci fi and fantasy kind of cool....DG

So much going on here, and then to add Star Trek into the mix. Awesome!
I'd bring the percs down a smidge and the vocals ever so slightly forward. I like the panning on the vocal.
Intense lyrics also. Is there true freedom in worship? Hmmmmm, perhaps, perhaps not...

Fantastic message here. I also think this is one of my favourites of yours. Great job

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THIS IS FABULOUS, even though that episode is awful!!!! Guitar sound and playing are great. How is the guitar recorded?

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Concise, but powerful, meaningful lyrics... This topic, unfortunately, fits to many situations in this world, even nowadays... The music suits the words in a great way, adding some tension and a general slightly menacing feel...

Is it like... sea people? That's horrifying.

Or do you mean the Danes? Biggrin That's horrifying too.

Psychedelic sounds man. A true horror show!

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Haven't come across open Dm tuning before ... as Nigel Tufnel says, "it's the saddest of all keys." Really nice and interesting arrangement and cool lyrics. I like the weird guitar fluorishes!

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I really enjoyed this. I had a lot of fun figuring out how to synthesize it with song two. The message is super powerful and you really put a lot of work into the instrumentation!

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Trippy. I'm really glad that I never listened to this during that time when I was to do the antithesis. I'm not sure what I would have done, but probably nothing like the ideas I had just reading the title back then. Cool to hear that this was the thesis that started it off. I like learning the thought process that led up to the creation too. Thanks!

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Wow! Really powerful lyrics! Very well done! My newest favorite! I look forward to see how this develops!