It's Your Birthday

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It's Your Birthday



Liner Notes: 

First attempt to write a song in the 50/90 competition. The prompt on the main page said "Week 1: write a song about a holiday or special event". This is supposed to fit into my concept of a month in my life, by celebrating one's birthday within that month.
The music was composed in odd composite time signatures. The verses are in 7/4, the chorus is in 11/4 and the bridge is in 9/8.
The vocals were recorded in two takes and spliced together. My vocals are not the best to be honest, but again this is merely a demo.


I open the flaming box
And wipe a tear from my eye
Many secrets hiding inside
Anything can happen, hey

Oh man it's your birthday
Let's have a damn wild party
And let all the kids run amok
Wish you well and good luck

As you sit there reading Dostoevsky
Smile and crack open a cold brewski
Apres-celebration, blow out the candles
And I'll take the shot from a great angle


We're filled with happiness and joy
On this dark cold day
Let's bounce to the music
And forgive what time we've lost

Memories of this time are so beautiful
It's something we'll look back on
Messieurs, the party is done
Please don't jump the gun

final chorus
Oh man it was your birthday
We had a damn wild party
We let everybody run amok
Wish you well and good luck

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Your lyrics make me smile at the end, a kind of bittersweet one. It's interesting to read the lyrics, and wonder that depending on the music you choose - the tone of the song can go in different directions. Everyone has a birthday, but we all can have different views on it. Great start to 50/90! Smile

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I like the narrative voice in this one. It's unpretentious and relatable.

I also dig the Dostoevsky/Brewski rhyme, and was intrigued to be hit by the image of a flaming box straight off the bat.

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Witty and cool lyrics, You have the narration within the clever use of words.

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I love the odd time signatures - so you have something that is super-catchy and also surprising. Great lyrics, sung with exuberance. Good one!