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Liner Notes: 

This is Balduin celebrating his 500's birthday. He's not very happy about his fate, so this turns out to be a very sad birthday song.


Fünfhundert Jahre lang in ewigem Verlies
Zweitausend Jahreszeiten unter spinnbewebtem Fries
Myriaden Augenblicke, in denen nichts geschieht
Ein Dutzend Katzen singen mein Geburtstagslied

Ich war ein stolzer Mann, war Herr in diesem Schloss
Bis einen schwarzen Magier mein Glück zu sehr verdross
Mich traf sein Fluch, nun bin ich tot, doch sterbe nie
So rassle ich mit meinen Ketten und ich singe:

Happy Birthday to me!

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Hi! Although I do not speak German, I really enjoyed the listen as well as on your site. Nice sound! I put it on the wrong page first.)

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I google-translated the lyrics. Intriguing story and sound!

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Thanks to @3tdoan for the idea of using Google translate! The song has a fun fairy tale sound, and once I could read the (translated) lyrics, they fit perfectly with their tale of woe and curses. "A dozen cats are singing my birthday song" - great image!

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Haunting and beautiful song! I feel like the music tells the story even without a translation.
Really interesting approach to this 50/90 (I read your bio, too.)
I took German in college 30 years ago but remember almost none of it.

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wirklich schön,
Ich liebe, wie du die Geschichte erzählst.
Und für den Geist glückwunsch zum geburtstag Smile

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Schöne Wortspiele hier, könnte gerne noch 6 Strophen weitergehen Smile

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Poor Balduin! I love how the music is not too sad... more ambling. The harmony doesn't settle anywhere... like an actual ghost wandering.