Sunrise Song

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Sunrise Song



Liner Notes: 

Yesterday, I wrote in the forum that I was planning on waking up early and doing a sunrise self-skirmish. Well, I wrote and recorded this one even before the sun rose (birds were already singing), and right now I can see the sunrise outside my window.


By myself but not alone
World of Zen that’s called a koan
Nature waking from its rest
Simple song describes it best

Got myself a front row seat
To watch fruit ripening so sweet
Red to orange to yellow
Can’t get tired of this show

Right where I belong
As I sing my sunrise song
World can’t stay dark for long
When I sing my sunrise song

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Very soft tune, nice delivered, Great rythm in both lyrics and music. Very soothing. GREAT guitar, like the small instrumental parts to adds to the melancholic feeling.

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Hearing this song I wonder if Lou Reed is still alive...

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Lovely! It was s gorgeous sunrise this morning and your song captures the quiet joy and beauty that each sunrise brings.

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However, I take it this was not at 3:00 AM, right? Wink This warms like tea. Good morning, friend!

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Beautiful. Smile
Captures that silent joy of watching the new day begin. Guitar work is perfect for this song. And your delivery gives it a very intimate, sharing quality that I find very soothing. Smile

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Quite nice, and it conveys that early morning "wonder of the world" vibe perfectly. Simple, straightforward, and deeply affecting. The last two lines of the first verse -- "Nature waking from its rest / Simple song describes it best" -- just say it all.

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Nice song and I love the birds singing harmony! I woke at 3am with a song idea that I wrote down, but fell back to sleep and didn't like it as much when I woke up.

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What a lovely song (the birds evidently agree)!

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Sweet inspiring song...
it shows thT you don't have to get all fancy to put out a good song

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Beautiful in its simplicity - the birdsong just adds to the scene the words are painting.

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Relaxing. Calms the spirit, you know?

It's like no hurry to do anything. Just enjoy the day.

Very special!

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This is so soft, simple, sweet, beautiful work! And I have a cockatiel named Bob here who was chirping to it this morning Smile I love this!! Fanttastic work, Chip!

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As a fellow Florida resident, I can picture the scene perfectly. Really nice laid-back vibe that really catches that early-morning feel. The birds are a nice touch!