Dance with me

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Dance with me



Liner Notes: 

As always with these things, tunes can take a life of their own. I spent a good part of yesterday rebuilding the electronics on my infamous Frankentele in order to let her open my show.

Which is why this tune decided it wanted to be played on my less infamous seven string. Go figure.

It's dark. It was planned to be happy and bouncy.

Oh well. It's a start.

One of my "turn it up loud" tunes. And the bigger the speakers, the better. Biggrin


Spoken: "Dance with me"
Spoken: "Let's go"
Spoken: "Dance with me, with me, with me, with me (echo fades to silence)

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Hell yes ! I think the Ruarks are big enough Wink They did manage to get the walls shaking Smile
Brilliant start, love it Smile

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who experiences that - intentions of a song going one way, but drastically changes course and morphs into something else. This definitely has some power behind it and honestly, I'm just glad to hear you spanking that plank, man! The summer is young. Keep being robust, my man! Music 2

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Always good to hear what you're up to! An inspired, ambitious song. I feel some happy and bouncy here, but I dig the darkness, too. Your lead guitar work is biting, chilling, incredible. You have some awfully cool swooshy and dreamy sounds in there, too - great ending.

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Lots of nice tones here Paul. Excellent finish! I am listening on my android device, and all the spanking is coming through nicely. Great #1!

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Always like what youdo. Nice musical. could absolutely have it on when doing my powerwalks.Nice mix

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I need to listen again at home with the big boy speakers. But it sounds great on these small ones.

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Man, this is dark indeed. The pulsating synth under it drives like an engine... I like that it kind of frees up the drums and guitar to be more open. Also: SUSTAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIINNNNNNN! Biggrin *Nigel Tufnel guitar face* I love this song. Gonna have to try it through the 15's on my PA down in the basement tomorrow!

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This is some cinematic Trent Reznor shit right here. Drums are just face smashing. The filtered rising FM-ish sound starting at :18 is a monster. I don't know what this is, but I am getting the hell out of its way. My studio monitors just grew hair.

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The vocal pads in the closing section were a surprise - they work really well against the guitar playing, which is (naturally) very much my sort of thing, oh yes.

The frenetic bass line really pushes things along, and that snare sound is *vicious*. I approve.

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I was listening to the jukebox just kinda going about my day and then this song came on and I said out loud, "Dang, this one is really good!" No surprise! It's you! Nicely done Sir! Now I'll get back to the dishes... Smile

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Wonderfully hypnotic with a touch of disturbing, some wonderful sounds, great guitar. Always love listening to you, would dance with you, but to this?? Would be tricky LOL!

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Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! Ohhh oooooooooooohhhh ahhhhHHHH! Don't make it end! I love this! I love your unique tags, too! hehe! You know what this reminds me of, another thing I love... it's got a touch of the hypnotic twists in the Twin Peaks music. Love, love, love this!!! AWESOMENESS!!! Kudos! A+++!