Happy Birthday America 2017

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Happy Birthday America 2017



Liner Notes: 

So for some of you, your mileage may vary on this one. I had this tradition in 5090, as it starts on Independence Day for the US, to do a sort of 'state of the union, where are we' independence day theme. This year, for so many of us, is really a difficult one from a political and social viewpoint- thought about possible approaches, and started doing a bit of a 'talking blues' kind of matter-of-fact thing to see where it would lead.

Recorded quickly with the iPhone and a little bit of post-processing, guitar and vocal live only.


Happy birthday America you old son of a gun
Time for another birthday 241
I won't summarize it all that would take too much time
But here's a couple of things been lately on my mind

Too many people don't vote they just sit around and complain
not informed on the issues they think, ahh it's all the same
Or candidate X is not pure enough, or it's only Congress why even bother
Some people died to have that right go ask your great grandfather

we're in a mess our president is an incompetent fool & a jerk
To undo the damage this time is going to take a lot of work
Anyone else who did what he did he would be impeached by now
the Republican Congress is blind and deaf we've got to work around them somehow

Speak up speak out let your neighbors and friends know the score
Lets experience what that first amendment is really for
But don't stop there you've got a pay a little extra in this American social experiment
Go out and support the people that will actively make this a better government

I have one or two friends maybe running for office in Congress in 2018
Now that's stepping up for democracy that's the kind of thing that I mean
Political campaigns need you yes you sitting on the couch with that remote
Get involved with a political campaign do more than just show up and vote

Support real journalism and news organizations like the New York Times or Washington Post
Too many people passing on fake news, we're all going to end up as toast
And speaking of toast global warming's important not a liberal hoax or fake news
What kind of world you want in 20 years this is when we have to choose

No one said this would be easy not Washington Hamilton or Lincoln
Everyone's got to take an oar and make sure this boat’s not sinking
If we can get rid of that orange horror and all of his political friends
Then happy birthday America to a new beginning and not to a crazy end

Happy birthday America you old son of a gun
Time for another birthday 241
I won't summarize it all that would take too much time
But here's a couple of things been lately on my mind

© M. Skliar 2017

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Great start Mike, flows nicely and gets your point across (as always). Happy Birthday America.

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Well said! Lots to choose from for a Happy Birthday American song and I like how you highlighted the responsibility that we all have rather than going for a single easy target - but yep, I hope you also do one that hits that target too during 5090. Great 5090 4th of July kick off!

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Good one Mike! You are right on the mark. I had to write one too (of course) Smile

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I like the chord progression here a lot. The way the lyrics flow along freely, covering a lot of topics in a short amount of time, is absolutely great. Awesome song!

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It's been an interesting show to watch from this here Finland lemme tell ya. Biggrin

Buuut, nothing I can do. And I don't vote. And I get why people don't.

I just wanna know... was there cake?!

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happy birthday america. Good critique. Hopefully 45 is gone for 242? :p

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This is brilliant and what a way to start 5090!! Probably the wordiest song I've seen in a long time but it works.

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I think you did a decent job with this one. I think you kind of lost me with just a couple of lines. Using republican instead of just congress and naming two newspapers with an obvious editorial bias (even though I get your larger point) made it more partisan. (To be clear, I'm not disagree with what you are saying.) With just a couple of tweaks I think you'd alienate less people and get more agreement. After all, working on campaigns is a good thing if you're into that sort of thing. Still, as a semi-talking, this is what's going on today kind of song, it works pretty well. I'm sure it's not everyone's cup of tea, but good for you being able to pull it off. I certainly wouldn't be able to.

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I really like the chord progression, and I love the tumble of words. And I agree with the sentiment.
Decided to go back and listen to a few folks' early songs I might have missed. Figured I'd start with a favorite like you.