Where Is Love? (See Fair Weather 20999)

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Where Is Love? (See Fair Weather 20999)



Liner Notes: 

A fellow FAWMer posted a picture on FB tonight of beautiful long tall evening shadows... so I knew I needed to use long tall shadows in a song

Open to ideas for a more novel title...

Collaborations welcome

UPDATE: Looking forward to a collaboration with Joanne Cooper on this one! Thanks!

Joanne posted this at:


fresh dew glistens
at the start of new days
brings reflections
of things that
will not stay
over time....
as the sun grows hot
and warm wind
rushes by
the only drops left
may be tears
in lonely eyes

at the dawn of day
in fair weather
it seems like love
may last forever
but with the heat of time
and no cover
it seems that hearts
grow weary and wonder.....
where is love?

long tall shadows
at the end of the day
cast reminders
that all things
fade away
over time....
when the light is gone
and the darkness
settles in
shadows disappear
and when seen
create fear

in the bright of day
and fair weather
it seems like love
will last forever
but in black of night
with loud thunder
it seems that hearts
lie afraid and wonder......
where is love?

long tall shadows
and drops of dew
disappear too quickly
like love once shared...
once shared with you
so when the
fair weather comes
I wonder once again....
where is love?

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Nice flow and rythm in the lyrics,
You paint a very great imnage here.

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Quite sad, and quite real. I can hear this as a mournful, reflective slow ballad, that captures beautifully the fading of a relationship with time, and I very much liked how you allude to the different ways that love can fall apart, from drought and undernourishing (at the start of the song) to storms and tempestuous darkness (at the end). You cover quite a lot of ground here!

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Liz.. you are off to a GREAT start. This looks like something I could do. Let me know if you are keen that I give it a go.

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As I wrote my sunrise song this morning (which you so graciously commented on) I was thinking how it's going to be blazing hot here later. And you took that day-wears-on approach and turned it into something powerful and moving. You say so much with few words, and even though the picture you paint seems bleak at first glance, I sense some underlying optimism - we have to keep on loving even when it's brutally difficult.

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I went back and forth on this a few times, Liz. Mainly because I wasn't sure of the mood. It renders a movement of sadness, but I kept getting touches of hope, too. It's reflective, and has a nice flow. I'm probably gonna think about this a few more times today. You're off to a good summer!

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Good images in this. Very powerful. Love does sometimes seem to hide even when not gone, just there in a different form.

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Great start indeed! I have music playing in my head if you need a collab.

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Wow, very nice. It definitely deserves music with a great sense of longing to it, and I imagine a female singing this. I see Mike wants to do music, which I'm sure will be a great match!

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I love the lyrical scape you've created with this one. A world that breathes, bleeds, smiles and blushes in time with those who inhabit it. Lovely lyrics, and very relatable.

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I like the title. And I like the imagery. Especially in the chorus. It works very well for me.

Came back for updated recording.

It's still a great song Wink

Goes to show, phone upload or full production... if the songs good, it's good.