Hillbilly Christmas

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Hillbilly Christmas



Liner Notes: 

Let's kick off FAWM 50/90 and celebrate the Fourth by going full stupid.
Also, I have a guitar again.


Music and lyrics copyright 2017 Ed Smaron Music (ASCAP)

It's time again to celebrate the birthing of a nation
whose customs and traditions are the source of my frustration
It happens just like clockwork every Independence Day
When Hillbilly Christmas comes to the USA

The streets are jammed with traffic with drivers headed here
to stock up on explosives and cheap domestic beer
I'd don a human thundershirt sleep thru it if I could
When Hillbilly Christmas comes to my neighborhood

The ringing lingers in my ears as I awake at dawn
to pick up all the bottle rockets strewn across my lawn
and wish it felt more like the opening scene from "Avalon"
Another Hillbilly Christmas has finally come and gone
Another Hillbilly Christmas has finally come and gone

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Hey that's a clever title, I didn't think it was going to be about the 4th of July at first. Nice simple song to start, the instrumental break was good and I think the little fills. It's an amusing tune! Good ending.

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Thanks for listening! Yeah, I gave July 4 that nickname a few years ago. Glad you dig it!

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Really great hook and fantastic sound - you really capture some of the crazy commercialization and kitchy celebrations across the country! Love your style and sense of humour! Kudos!

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Thanks a lot! Yeah, it's pretty true, I think.

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Thanks a lot for listening! Glad you like it!

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Perfectly produced country song that I enjoyed listening to. Good sunny feelings!

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Thanks, I don't normally go country but this one fit, I think. Glad you like it!

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I like the song, well produced, well done

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Thanks a lot for listening! I'm trying to polish up my production techniques too.

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I would very much like to participate in a sing-a-long of this tune.

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Haha, maybe it will become a holiday classic!

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quality work! had a chuckle reading the lyrics - musically this is tiiiiight, love the noodles and the thumping bassline especially.

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No wonder this has so many comments! Made me smile-big!

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lol great tune. Not what i was expecting from the title. Very comical.

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Love it: especially the energy and stop... and funny me but I like the way it exits