The last Word

The last Word

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The pen is mightier
than the sword
And flies
with a far more fluent grace
But the latter,
I cede,
sows more discord,
When stabbed repeatedly in one's face.

Good night.

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Oh, don't you just hate it when they stab you with a sword repeatedly in the face! Pen is much less painful, especially the feather end of a quill, I think. Smile

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Both can be sharp! But not as sharp as your writing!

mike skliar's picture

ha, great one! -- perhaps it should be set to music? (if you're interested, I might be able to? )

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Posting moments before the site closes... with such sharp and incisive wit... yes, that works.

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this is amazing. i love the image of being stabbed in the face and I really like the way "And flies
with a far more fluent grace" sounds and feels. it's also a great way to describe the movement of a pen. very cool.