Made of Tree

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Made of Tree




Liner Notes: 

Stephen posted this charming yet somewhat haunting lyric a couple of weeks ago. I read it hot off the press and wanted it for my own, but I didn't have time to give to it then, and who am I to take a stellar lyric out of circulation? That creates too much pressure for me anyway. I'm more of a stealth-collab partner by nature. Luckily, I was able to get back to it, no one had nabbed it in the meantime, and Stephen has agreed to let it go up! Such fun for me today as a last call effort.


Lyrics by Stephen Wordsmith
Music by barbara

Look, Look
I have a book
Of pages ninety-three
A caper
Stamped in paper
Made of tree, made of tree

Snip, snap
It's time to wrap
And tape it up with glee
With jolly
Men and holly
Made of tree, made of tree

It's not hard
To write the card
To father, love from me
With no stencil
But a pencil
Made of tree, made of tree

Then lock it
In this pocket
To maintain the mystery
It'll cope
This envelope
All made of tree, made of tree

I'll then place it
With a fellow gift or three
No wonder
It's all under
This great tree, this great tree

And ignore
This thought that gnaws
That one day we might just be
Caught bereft
With nothing left
That's made of tree, made of tree

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Good golly, I can see why you were drawn to these lyrics. They're haunting, as is your musical interpretation of it. Trees are near and dear to my heart, so I totally love this. Beautiful!

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

A very astute and sensitive interpretation, Barbara, and delivered beautifully. A lovely note to end this challenge on.

corinne54's picture

Oh my - This doesn't sound like a rush job! This is exquisite! Lovely singing and guitar - and gorgeous lyrics.

Valerie Cox's picture

I remember liking these lyrics when Stephen originally posted them. I like how you've brought them to life. The little turns in the vocal melody are.lovely and as a whole it's really beautiful.

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How wonderful! Beautiful collab-excellent lyrics and magic music and vocals! Love it.

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Excellent, wistful, beautiful song.

kahlo2013's picture

So beautiful! The lyrics convey a simple poingant evolving sentiment so poetically - I love the repetition of the hook. The music is so perfect - gentle flowing soaring in just the write places, gorgeous in all respects! Love this