48 Lines for the 48

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48 Lines for the 48



Liner Notes: 

So I was having one of my periodic moments of doubt a few weeks ago and thought 'hey, the words are good but I'm no musician' and thought I'd stop making crap music and release this 'project' as a book of poetry instead. So I wrote a 48 line introduction to explain my intentions. Then one of my periodic moments of extreme vanity kicked in, so here it is, as a song(ish)!

I like my last song being the first. I'm a dada-ist after all! Love you all. Unless you voted Brexit. In which case, burn in the hell of your own making. xxj$

*drops mic and goes off to watch 'Luke Cage'*


Welcome to my silly songs;
But before I put my case,
First I’d really like to warn you
(So neither of us loses face)

If you’ve stumbled here expecting
Insight, balance and debate,
Going to have to disappoint you -
As you’ve come to the wrong place.

This is diary of my fury,
Also therapy done cheap.
If you’re after more profound stuff,
.. leave a message at the beep?

Though I’ve tried to be funny,
Thought-provoking, where I could,
Current outlooks not that sunny -
Also I’m not very good.

I’m not preaching, I’m just reaching
Out to folk who feel like me -
If there’s any, not that many,
Deffo in minority.

Still won’t give in. What I’m giving
From the heart are 48
Variations on a bad dream -
From which I can’t seem to wake.

Yes we lost the referendum
That’s a fact, can be no doubt
Doesn’t mean I have to leave off
Calling those who voted ‘Out’.

Don’t want second referendum -
Re-sitting ‘til we get result
That we want’s undemocratic -
So’s refusing to consult

Sixteen million individuals
Who turned out to vote not out.
Otherwise, our votes meant nothing
Might as well have stayed in bed

Ideal, compromise I’m after
Is fair representation
That’s proportionate to outcome
In ‘Post Leave’ negotiations

Just to calm the fervent Leavers
(None of whom are reading this)
No long words or big ideas
* I’m just here to take the piss. Out of you.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Hilarious, and another clever incorporation of the number 48 into a piece. Meta-wizardry of the first order.

Your powers of making things scan is definitely on display here.

It's also interesting to see a few bits of naked pathos sneak in to the orchestrated sarcasm - 'Variations on a bad dream - From which I can’t seem to wake.' was a line I heard more with the heart than the head. I'm not sure if it was your intention.