48, Days Later ...

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48, Days Later ...



Liner Notes: 

100 days since Brexit vote. Nothing seems improved. Roll on March?

Yeah, the mix of this is rough to say the least. But I had a lyric left so here it is.


48 days later ...

Dave’s has got his Broken Britain - but here comes hyperinflation,
Ironically like Germany between the wars. We’re fallen nation.
Farage will be the face on every damned, devalued five pound note.
Peering, leering out wheelbarrow-wallets at our potholed roads ...

48 months later ...

Last of Jumpers launch themselves out, aiming for the higher ground
But they'll fall lot further yet before the common ground is found
Mainland Europe looks on sadly - smugly we refused their help.
Nothing they can do but watch and wait as we consume ourselves.

48 years later ... x2

Hey now what's that sound - society as it comes crashing down
Tone-deaf boneheads left for dead, reduced to rolling round
For their entertainment in dank pools of their own faeces
Aiming for the record books for most number of diseases

48 decades later ... x2

Years of constant breakdown end with England's devastation
London's been abandoned to encroaching vegetation
Hey now there's no sound cos mankind's burnt out like a virus.
There is something beautiful, inevitable about this silence ...

Finally, we've reached our level x 4

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