The Perfect Song

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The Perfect Song


Liner Notes: 

21st song, which is a new record for me (after 9 of these challenges, I've maxed out at 42%. So awesome).

Bowing out with a nice bit of reflective meta-fiction mixed with a dash of shower existentialism for you all.


The perfect song
Lies in front of me
26 letters
on 26 keys

The perfect plot
With the perfect players
Put together
With the perfect phrase

A holy grail
The perfect song
Stares up at me
One keyboard long

The perfect parts
Of a perfect sum
Wait in their ranks
For what's to come

With perfect partners
They'll combine
To formulate
The perfect line


A perfect love
A perfect crime
To press one
Or one hundred times

These perfect bricks
With perfect mortar
Directed in
One perfect order


BRIDGE(music intensifies)
And now it falls
within my hands
To choreograph
This perfect dance

They stare at me
With pupils fond
Awaiting now
My waving wand

The song encased
In front of me
All I must do
Is set it free

So for perfection
Now I pray
I press, and press
And press away:


Listen: once upon a time
Well, actually twice but I
Think the first one doesn't
Really count...or is that "didn't
there was some guy!



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Ha! Great pithy and punchy lines that convey that creative writing process so well! Perfect!

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i love self-reference when done well, and this is. good pacing in your line spacing. obviously written to a melody, or at least an arrangement. very well done!