Edge of Disaster? (Produced Version)

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Edge of Disaster? (Produced Version)

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Liner Notes: 

A version with a little more bravado and production. Lyrics are finalized as well.


We have so much time to give
But what a waste of resources
Can you reach over here, and win my heart?
That's just what I fear

Come on, come, come on over
Come, come, come on over
Come on over here now

We will never learn
All the world turns
See our burns?
Thanks for your concern

We all have some pain
A little is fine
But how much can we take this time?

Remember the days when
The bells kept us strong?
We rolled up our sleeves
Our sweat in the street

Long live the way it was
Forget that shit, the future is ours
Live with your fits
Or live with your fists

I remember
Back in the day
I believed
Everything you said

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Beautifully bittersweet and emotionally laden lyrics that I love. Such a great groove. Love the fast chucking and driving beat

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Great line "Live with your fits or live with your fists" Great work. You took a lot of care in building the song.