Give Up Your Pomegranates

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Give Up Your Pomegranates




Liner Notes: 

We wrote this together at Casa Hoops, taking turns contributing one word at a time, then chord at a time, then one line of melody at a time. Special thanks to Mike Skliar for contributing some great words over Skype. We've done a phone recording and will post it as soon as we can upload it.


Blue is a color for keeping
Red is not a mermaid
Who would keep red in the cupboard?
I would (I would, I would)

Give up your pomegranates
Give up your pomegranates
Give up your pomegranates
Give up your pomegranates

The demented shopkeeper howled#
Give up your pomegranates
Meanwhile back in the birdcage
The vegetarian bird ate chicken reluctantly

Give up your pomegranates
Give up your pomegranates
Give up your pomegranates
Give up your pomegranates

Foul fowl fouled folded floating photographer
And the ukulele dungeon was full
However, other dungeons for instruments
Like saw, saxophones and hurdy-gurdies
Mellifluously trampled all over Trump

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You all sound like you had a fun evening...LOL LOL LOL Love the ending...hope it comes true in November. I'd gladly give up all my pomegranates for a Hillary victory! (Not to mention a lot of other stuff) Oh please please dear God!

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What a great group of creative craziness! So fun to hear this! Wonderful to have this live performance. The hook is sticking in my head! Hopefully you can do another before the site closes down!

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ha, great to hear the finished song! i'm guilty of coming up with the words 'pomegranates' and 'hallelujah' and 'ukulele' ... well, as used in the song, obviously Smile

great to see the four of you on Skype at hoop's place, having great fun! rock on!

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Four great tastes that go great together. You do things with language that, after so long on this challenge, I still can only dream of emulating. I could enjoy a song that continued in this vein indefinitely (I know one of you managed to keep it up for 50 minutes one year, and I listened to all of that).

And that delivery. Insane. Insane in a brilliant way. Like the Surgeon of Crowthorne, except almost completely different. But no less impressive. And not yet certifiably insane. But it would sell as many copies as a dictionary. And be consulted more. Especially by the youth.

I'm not sure I like the political undertones at the end. Ahaha. Couldn't say that with a straight face. Well done, all of you.