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Not actually a new song, but I've redone most of the tracks (Guitars, vocal, and added piano) on a song I wrote for FAWM a couple of years ago, I plan on using this as part of my Murder/Crime/Mystery album Project


What shall I say?
What do you need to hear?
How much more can I give
So it becomes crystal clear?

Yes, I am guilty
Yes I did all you’ve heard
I’ll sign any statement
And repeat it word for word

Here is my confession
I’ve revealed all to you
This concession I make
There’s nothing more I can do

Are you satisfied now
Do you still want more?
Do I have to lie bleeding
Will that even the score?

Are you so blameless?
What will you confess?
Will you be as fearless
With this ultimate test?

Here is my confession
I’ve concealed nothing true
This obsession of yours
Will be the death of you

Am I absolved of all my sins
Where do mine end
And yours begin?

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Pointed lyrics that are matched perfectly with the music!

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so tasty! those instruments-only moments are the bomb! oh wait, it appears the real bomb is the 2nd powerful appearance of the chorus and the wicked bridge!!
that merited an immediate repeat listening! such great balance between the tracks creating a fantastic mood to make me quite leery of spending any time with this person ("this obsession of yours / will be the death of you" was a big tip-off). Kudos!

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this is cool. I like how it moves along. nice bridge. it all just flows together rather well.