We'll Meet Again

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We'll Meet Again


Liner Notes: 



The sun is setting fast and soon we;ll say goodbye
Let us gather all together by the roaring fireside
My ship is in the harbor and soon I'll have to go
I know we'll meet again, but when I do not know

Now it's time for one last drink and to sing a final song
May our glasses all be full and our voices sweet and strong
And though we must say farewell in the fire's fading glow
I know we'll meet again, but when I do not know

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Beautiful sentiment gorgeously delivered! Perfect for the end of the journey we've been on together! Nice recorder solo!

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Fine folky farewell. Banjo with recorder and the lyrics put this firmly in folk gategory with an Irish vibe, but of course, here and now, this resonates with the end of the Challenge. I also know we meet again, hopefully next year. Smile

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A lovely and suitable farewell song for 50/90. Thanks for your wonderful songs along this journey. I've really enjoyed listening to your stuff!

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A timeless feel to this one - a wonderful addition to the tradition of farewell songs. I like the bittersweet, optimistic feel to the whole song - personified in the recorder/flute solo.