Cockroaches Spilling Out of Her Mouth

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Cockroaches Spilling Out of Her Mouth


Liner Notes: 

For my Coursera poetry workshop. Need to do an extended metaphor. A conceit. So I'm doing words v cockroaches.


Elegant party
Too much champagne
She whines and complains
Cockroaches spilling out of her mouth

They crawl on the sofa
Climb over the hors d'oeuvres
On spindly shiny little brown legs

They fly into glasses
Drop into low cut dresses
Contaminate all that they touch

Guests with better manners
Excuse themselves discreetly
While I beat a hasty retreat
For the nearest exit

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Eww... haha Biggrin great for Halloween just round the corner! As a metaphor this works really well. The beautiful woman with the not so nice personality.

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Fantastic and fun! I like the creativity and uniqueness.

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That's a metaphor? I thought I just witnessed a long-forgotten script by David Lynch.

A delicious one. You might as well keep running once you've crossed the line - I dig the detail of the brushstrokes here - detailing just what the flying cockroaches land on and subsequently do. Marvellous.