The International Klaus-o-vision Song Contest 2016 Part Two

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The International Klaus-o-vision Song Contest 2016 Part Two

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I'm actually a full time presenter hosting lots of different Finnish TV and radio programs. The International Klaus-o-vision Song Contest is one of the most popular shows I host every year. I thought it might be a good idea to share this year's show with you so you could hear what I do for living.

The actual worldwide TV broadcast lasts over two hours, but here is a seven-minute edited version for your pleasure. It includes a suprise celebrity guest and 12 songs!

Big thanks go to my collaborators:

- @writeandwrong for lyrics to Summer Solstice
- @kahlo2013 for lyrics, melody and vocals on Deep In Me
- @Dee for lyrics to A Silent Grief
- @McTown for lyrics to One Motel Too Many
- @wyatt for lyrics to Gonna Do Some Rockin'
- @igg for lyrics to Arthur
- @cindyrella for lyrics to Sweet Thing
- @Kristi for lyrics to Where I'm Going'
- @musicsongwriter for music, melody and piano accompaniment for Goodbye to Summer


No transcription of this show is available at this time, sorry.

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This makes me smile so much! You are a master Klaus! I love hearing all the songs too. This made a rather frustrating day into one much more pleasurable!

kahlo2013's picture

You crack me up! You are so creative and clever! This is so much fun!!!!!

fresh spotless youth's picture

You are a lovable nut job, klaus--don't ever change. I especially enjoyed the envelope tearing sound effects.

Kristi's picture

Oh my much fun! I love the audience applause and sound effects! You are so creative and clever!! Pure fun here!

Rob From Amersfoort's picture

I hope the eurovision song contest will be held in Helsinki next year so you can present it (or are all Fins as funny and talented as you are, I can't believe it). I'm always amazed by the variety of your songs and the excellent production. You're way better than Bruce the Boss, you should have won!

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

Well, I didn't participate in this one, so you have my assurance that the following statement comes from a position of utmost neutrality:

Indulgently clever. Indulgently creative. Indulgently fun. I give this... whatever the opposite of nul points is. Infinis points.

musicsongwriter's picture

That was fun. I love your humour and voice impersonations. Fantastic sound effects and songs snippets. Very clever and entertaining. Thank you for including our collaboration.
Listened in parts to make sure I don't miss anything. My son was getting ready to go to his school. I'd stop listening and then start from where I've stopped Smile

katpiercemusic's picture

This is so funny! I LOVE it. I think everyone should have their own Eurovision style song contest, but I don't think anyone's would be quite as excellent as yours. Also, I don't think any of us have the sort of connections to get Bruce Springsteen on our shows... so you win the best music award show award!